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World AIDS Day 2017 – Share Your Story

by Chris Flight | 1 year ago

Today is World Aids Day.  My story is your story.  I have not been personally affected by someone who has had the virus but I have friends who have.

My friend Steven and one-time roommate back in college shares his story below:

Today, I remember my Uncle Bill. He was the one who showed me that family is something that we choose, rather than something that we are born into. For the families of our birth are not always where we belong, because love is not passive. It is not hurtful. It is not silent. Rather, love requires action. It is both grand gesture and one hundred million small acts.

Love is showing up, even when you’re not feeling well. Love is coming to each of my predictably awful middle and high school theater productions. Love is finding something positive to hold on to, even when sick, or bored, or scared: that one song, how the stage lights sparkled, the sound of applause, my smile.

Love is patient listening: to failed marriages, to growing pains, to the hush of late winter, and the joyous roar of the sea. Love is allowing yourself to be consumed with the overwhelming goodness of the moment, with a bottle of wine and cooking and laughing and dancing in the kitchen and the Best of Sade. Love is sharing those moments. Love is memory and life lessons.

My Uncle Bill died in 2005, at the age of 50, from complications with HIV/AIDS. His legacy is the belief that there is good in the world, and that it is our job to cultivate it. If everyone, in all places, realizes the fundamental human right to health we can end this epidemic and ensure that the memory of those we have lost will be for a blessing.

goInspo would like to share your stories in this article for those who are courageous enough to share.  If you would like to share with our community to be re-posted here, please send an email to: with the title WorldAIDSDay and we will update throughout the day.