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Upgrading Sky Mosley’s Kicks

by Chris "COSeezy" Strachan | 1 year ago

There is a kid in every community who has a gift and no matter whether you believe in natural genetics, God or some combination of both, there is something special about him or her. In a perfect world, that child has a family and the resources to unleash that special gift.  In other cases, kids need to be uplifted by their community.  Whether it be individual mentors, community leaders or organizations created to provide these resources, they are needed.

Fred Cange is a basketball coach at East Rockaway High School (Long Island, NY) and I’ve been best friends with him since the 9th grade. From the thousands of conversations, we had when we were kids about everything we wanted to accomplish in our lives, he knows everything about me. Fred told me about one of his players, Sky Mosley, a supremely talented basketball player from East Rockaway. This is Sky’s first year of playing organized basketball and he’s already turning heads. Recently, he scored 33 points in a game! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the financial resources that some kids enjoy. But that’s ok, that’s what community is for. Sky has one pair of sneakers and they are completely worn out from all the hours he spent playing outside on the playground. I shared Sky’s story with the good people at Under Armour and they also felt like it was a no-brainer to provide something that would inspire a kid with a dream.

Kick’n it For a Cause hooked Sky up with a pair of the Curry 4 “More Rings” sneakers. The coolest thing about the experience is that it was Sky’s teammates who delivered the kicks to him. The video of his face when he received the sneakers was priceless. For me to see how happy his teammates were for him was even more priceless. You could just tell how good the sneakers made him feel and how much more confident he would feel as a basketball player.


The Kick’n it For a Cause foundation’s mission is to unite people through the love of sneakers and community service. Throughout my life, sneakers and sports have been a common theme in some of my most important relationships. Something as simple as sneakers can bring people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities together to tear down social barriers. At the end of the day, if we can all do something daily that will genuinely make people smile we’ve made our impact on the world and that’s what Kick’n It For a Cause is all about.

Once again, huge thank you to Under Armour, my man Fred and the East Rockaway basketball team for coming together to make a positive impact on someone’s life. I’m looking forward to hearing more positive stories about kids like Sky because the Kick’n It For a Cause Foundation would love to make an impact on more kids’ lives who truly could use that help.


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