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The “Gym” Of The Future is in LA

by Jen Fisch | 1 year ago

Welcome to Bulletproof Labs!

tour bulletproof labs Jen Fisch

I love the Bulletproof brand, I drink their buttery coffee, I use their Brain Octane Oil and I have read Dave Asprey’s books- so yea, I’m a fangirl. So when they opened a new facility called Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, I had to check it out. They call it a “human upgrade” facility and their space is full of futuristic biohacking equipment that trains not only your body, but also your mind.


You really have to see it to understand how cool it is and I was lucky enough to have a personal tour by Amanda and Brandon from their team. I got to experience the Cryotherapy room where I spent 3 minutes dancing in a -250 degree chamber! I have 2 autoimmune disorders (Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis) so I wanted to see if I could feel the anti-inflammatory effects. Surprisingly the cold was totally tolerable as long as I kept moving and I did feel full of energy after. In total I tried 6 of the Body and Mind hacks:  Cryotherapy, REDcharger, Atmospheric Cell Trainer (Tony Robbins has one in his house!), The Vibe, Virtual Float Tank, and the EEG Brain Trainer.

So watch the video below to see this amazing facility!


Cool right?! I could move into Bulletproof Labs and have no doubt that I would be the healthiest person alive. High tech biohacking treatments don’t come cheap, yet at least, but I would love to see all of these incredible machines becoming mainstream sooner than later. The team at Bulletproof is more than happy to provide tours of their facility, so next time you’re in Santa Monica stop by!