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The Closet Roundup – 9 Items Everyday Lady Should Own

by Sheraine Robinson | 1 year ago

Being active in the fashion world, I’ve watched trends roll in, hang around for a while and then gradually die out. I remember reading somewhere that some trends don’t actually die but they graduate rather, to what I’d like to call Closet Essentials. I will be sharing with you 9 pieces every woman should own and have in their closets. These pieces will come in handy whether you have a job interview or if you’re headed out for an evening on the town with your girls.


Shopping for these pieces is actually one of my favorite things to do, for myself and my clients.  These are items you can never have too many of, you’ll be wearing them over and over. So my suggestion would always be to go for quality over quantity. I personally hate putting my clothes in the wash and after one wash, it’s almost not even the same item. Shrinkage and discoloration are real, I find the better the quality the longer the life. The awesome part about it is that you can always find an array of these pieces for prices within any budget. If you’re anything like me, you get a thrill out of mixing your high-end pieces with your low-end ones.


These 9 wardrobe essentials are timeless statements that will never go out of style, you’ll definitely wear them more than once, as they are all interchangeable items that actually work really well together.  Whether your outfit is jammed packed with just the essentials or you’re building them up to tie together the perfect ensemble. To make a long story short these items are the building blocks for a perfectly versatile wardrobe.


Let’s get started!

1. The Black Blazer

Truthfully one of my least favorite items, that I tend to always need. Before I started working as a stylist, I was a regular  9-5 gal, the office was always cold. I left my blazer on the back of my chair at my desk and it became a staple piece for me at work. Whether I was wearing a dress, pants, and shirt or sweater…and its black, so it always worked well with my looks.

2. Classic White Tee

Something I absolutely cannot live without. I have so many white t-shirts, ranging from high-end brands like Alexander Wang, to Forever 21. White T-shirts are especially my favorite during the summer months. It looks great with everything, it gives such a crisp and clean feel to every outfit.

3. The Classic Button Down White Shirt

One of my personal faves, always my go to for an interview or meeting. I like to dress my basic shirt up with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a cute pair of heels and a bold lip.

4. The Little Black Dress

Every girls go-to. Crazy enough, I didn’t own a little black dress for the longest time because I could not find one that worked well enough with my body type, to be considered a ‘staple’. Fast forward to now, and I actually bought another one last week, a beautiful little black velvet piece. In total now I have 3 LBD’s as many call them, that I rotate depending on how I feel.

5. Perfect Pump

Whether it be nude or black, or both. Every lady needs the perfect, and when I say perfect I actually mean comfortable pair of closed-toe pumps. I’m specifying closed toe because, in order for it to work as an essential, it also has to be seasonally functional.



6. Dark Denim

It’s important to have a pair of great fitting dark denim jeans in your closet because for most people jeans are always the first pick. Well, not for me if I was able to personalize this list just to suit me, I’d replace this with black sweat pants, BUT that’s not partial. Having a pair of dark denim jeans is just as important as a pair of black trousers or slacks. They go with everything, the pair nice with any type of top, any color.

7. Black Trousers, Slacks, Pants whatever you’d like to call them

Perfect for any occasion, and something I can’t get enough of. Nothing like a pair of black slacks that fit to perfection. I love to pair my slacks, with a classic white shirt or tee (meetings, work), or a really cute bodysuit (dinner, night out) It’s a perfect piece for one of the days where you have to leave the office and head out straight to an event

8. Leather Jacket

When I mentioned purchasing quality items to ensure longevity, I was really talking about the leather jacket, I would much rather spend a bit more on a good leather jacket, than a faux one. I’ll explain why…winter, summer, spring, and fall my leather jacket always gets put to use. It is always a cute addition to any look, that adds a little edge. It’s one special item that could elevate closet and outfit even if you just throw it over your shoulder.

9.  Flat or Sneaker

If you’re a casual girl like myself, you understand the importance of having at least one pair of flat comfortable shoes that you can always throw on. Right now for me, my vans are my go-to. I have plenty of other options, yet still seem to gravitate to the same classic black and white vans. I literally make them work with everything, dresses, jeans, sweat suits. When looking to purchase this type of item, I’d suggest anything that’s firstly affordable for you, cute, versatile and most importantly comfy.