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The BIG Book of KETO is Out Now

by go Inspo & JenFisch | 1 year ago

Today is the day for our amazing creator Jen Fisch who releases her second cookbook, The Big Book of Keto with over 200 recipes!!

If you don’t know about Jen’s story – her Ketogenic journey began in January of 2016, but her experimentation with various WOE (ways of eating) began much earlier. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis when she was 18 and Psoriatic Arthritis when she was 19. It wasn’t until about a decade later that she started correlating inflammation in her body with food. You can read more about that journey HERE.

Make sure to order now and if you’re not convinced yet – here’s a couple sneak peak recipes from the book!

Baked Avocado

Asian Beef – “Noodle” Bowls