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by Alicia Jay | 1 year ago

The body positivity movement is revolutionary. It has opened up so many essential conversations and avenues for change. In particular, women with curves are taking over in every area. A long overdue recognition that every single body type is absolutely beautiful. With the much-needed change, the emergence of curvy clothing has skyrocketed. The once underserved sect of the fashion industry is booming. It is now gearing towards the level that it should have been in the first place and my hope is that one day soon the same thing will happen for tall women.

At this very moment, tall women can rarely walk into a store and purchase clothing that fits. Outside of a handful of brick and mortar stores that cater solely to tall women, we primarily have to shop online for clothing to rock on our tall frames.

As a woman who is 6’6”, I can attest to this. Growing up, it was impossible for me to find clothing. Most of the time I had to wear men’s clothing and shoes. While the tall clothing industry has made strides, the fact remains that it is nearly impossible to walk into a store and find an entire ensemble. Online shopping is a staple in our world and until more retailers start including tall sizes in their lines, we have to click to purchase.

I started TallSWAG for many reasons, one of which is bringing attention to this style imbalance. I will continue to work until retailers make the change. Everyone should be able to walk into an accessible store and find clothing that fits.

Until that day happens, my tall girls and I must stay fitted so here are my top 10 tall online retailers for clothing and shoes:

  1. asos. I can’t say enough about this line. Not only does asos make a fierce tall line themselves, they also work with unique retailers to make a tall run of their lines. From classic to trends, there are designs for every occasion. The sizes range from 0-16. They also have haute shoes up to a size 12. I love pretty much everything. In particular, I’m a huge fan of their jeans.
  2. Long Tall Sally. All they do is tall and they do it in an amazing way. Pick something that you want and I bet they have it. In particular, I like the Curatd line. It’s very forward thinking and fits just right. Their shoes go up to a size 15 (yes you read that right). They even have tights with long inseams.
  3. Alloy Apparel. The prices are right and the clothes are on-trend. Their inseams go up to 39”. They even have a selection of shoes that go up to a size 13.
  4. TOPSHOP. They have hard to find, unique pieces that make any outfit pop. Well worth the investment.
  5. boohoo. This is my go-to for tall bodysuits. They have a plethora of options with long torsos. They also hit trends like bell sleeves and lace.
  6. This is where I find a lot of my coats. They have a little bit of everything including pieces with classic lines.
  7. OldGapBanana. Ok. That’s not a word. But Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are a family of lines that all come in tall. I get a lot of my basic pieces from this tall trifecta.
  8. Smash Shoes. When I am looking for shoes, I go here first. Smash makes shoes just for us in sizes 11-14. They just dropped some new options that are HOT. I am a huge fan.
  9. Don’t sleep on Payless. They have shoes in sizes up to 13 and carry lines from designers like Christian Siriano. Great for trends that you want to rock but not invest a lot of money in.
  10. Nine West. Hot shoes, in almost any style, up to size 12. Need I say more?

OK. 10 is not enough. Here are some honorable mentions in bespoke:

Shoes of Prey. If I could, I would design a pair of shoes every single day on this site. You can custom make pretty much any shoe up to size 15. Score.

Dimiloc. I love their custom tall clothing. From dusters to maxi’s, they have gorgeous clothing that comes just in our size.

There you have it! Those are my top tall picks. I share more on social as I find them and hope you join the style journey with me. One day, I am confident that we will be able to walk into a store and pick out the fit that we want but until then…happy online shopping!