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Recap of Outside Lands 2018

by Aurora Le | 1 year ago

Hi everyone!

goInspo Summer Strategist, Aurora here.

If you couldn’t tell from my takeover of the goInspo IG story, I was given the opportunity to attend Outside Lands (OSL) this past weekend!

For those of you not familiar with the Bay Area/OSL in general, Outside Lands is a three-day music, food, beer, and wine festival that takes place in San Francisco’s very own Golden Gate Park! It usually happens once a year in early August, and is definitely the Bay Area’s favorite way of closing out the summer.  

As with every music festival, the lineup changes from year-to-year, anddddd if I do say so myself (& I DO), this year’s lineup was seriously inspired.


From Janelle Monae, to Bon Iver, to Odesza, to Beck, to The Weeknd– this year’s lineup ensured there would never be a dull moment the whole three days of the festival. Don’t believe me? For your convenience and because I know you’re JUST as emotionally invested in OSL as I am — HERE. IS. THE. LINEUP.

Image result for outside lands

The hardest part about OSL is probably trying to decide which artists you want to see, since there are multiple stages all throughout the venue where different artists are performing at all times.

I loved seeing huge names like Mac Demarco and Janet Jackson perform, but personally, my favorite performance was from Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers, a group from my very own hometown of Sacramento. Hobo recently rose to fame when he posted a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest that quickly went viral– you can watch it here!

His lyrics are emotional, real, and vulnerable– yet somehow witty and optimistic at the same time, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Here’s a photo of us when I spotted him wandering aimlessly around the festival grounds (possibly lost?), and tried to befriend him. (It kinda worked– we actually shared a pouch of apple sauce together. True story.)

And as I mentioned earlier, OSL is not just a music festival– OSL prides itself on its amazing selection of food, beers, and wine too! So of course, in between sets, I would scurry over to the International Smoke booth and eat some seriously delicious food– and when I say in between sets, I mean at least once every hour. (I mean, Ayesha told me to make sure I would eat a ton, so I had to, right??? It was for work.)


OKAYY ANYWAYS. Hopefully my post didn’t give you too much FOMO– but if it did, have no fear! Dates have ALREADY been announced for OSL 2019. And 1.9k people on Facebook have already RSVP’d. SO GET ON IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.

Before I sign off– I just want to give a huge thank you to our friends at International Smoke & Outside Lands for helping ensure that the goInspo media team and I had the perfect weekend. We loved every moment of it!


(P.S. let me know down below if you went this year, and what artists you saw! Or who you would have seen if you were there.)

Photography: Stephen Kristoff Peterson, Aurora Le