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Rappelling to Greatness in the Judean Desert

by Marianela Pereyra | 1 year ago

The only time we are actually growing is when we are uncomfortable.

Here I am. Stepping backwards off a cliff, dropping straight into one of Israel’s most spectacular canyons, in the Kana`im valley of the Judean desert.

Buh bye comfort zone.

Our friendly and fearless guide Giora drove us through some of the most breathtaking, silencing landscape I had ever witnessed. As soon as we hopped in his tricked out Land Rover, he pulled a permanent marker from underneath his seat and wrote his name on the dashboard in front of him. We all cracked up, and a split second later, he floored the Rover up a steep incline, and we where on our way! Hugging the rocky cliffs of the Judean desert, we gripped the sides of the truck right up until we reached our destined canyon. Giora guided us down the rocky terrain, and nonchalantly stood on the edge of the cliff. He handed us all helmets, and with a calm and sunny disposition, explained how we would be accomplishing our descent down the Kana`im valley.

Guarded by nothing but his Timberland shirt, Aussie hat, and a simple two finger grip, he smiled as he handed me the ropes and instructed me to simply lean back. With my adrenaline racing, I fiercely gripped the ropes as I slowly rappelled down to the desert floor, my feet slipping on rocks and my body in a 45 degree angle.

Natural human nature is to fear failure.

Failure in my case wouldn’t mean death, because Giora was there to keep me safe and sound, but it didn’t make the experience any less exhilarating!

Fear holds us back from attempting new things, and is consequently hindering our happiness. Our unwillingness to step outside our comfort zone, prevents us from harnessing our true potential for growth and transformation.

We must not allow the fear of failure to take over. Taking risks is what helps us grow and broaden our horizons. Once we are open to exploring the unknown, we also begin to gain new perspectives.

This ‘newness’ stimulates chemicals in our brain that make us happier, and motivate us to achieve more.

If we want to achieve greatness we must be courageous enough to kick routines and habits to the curb. The more willing we are to attempt something new, the more daring we become in our personal and professional lives. By challenging ourselves, and becoming fully open to new experiences, we cultivate greater creative expression, limitless imagination, higher intellectual curiosity, and the fearless will to live our greatest life.

As someone who has spent her entire life following and fueling my creative path, I can now fully comprehend the connection between traveling and my professional and personal triumphs. When I plunge myself into new experiences in different lands, I am filled with renewed energy, child like excitement, and a whole lot more confidence.

I am so grateful to have experienced such a life changing adventure tour throughout Israel. After each trip, I find myself taking greater risks in my professional life, as well as reaching greater creative heights.

These new experiences will inspire and enlighten us to reach unbelievably new milestones in our lives.

Push boundaries. Take risks. And embrace uncertainty with open arms!

Growth awaits you on the other side.


What is something that you have always wanted to experience, or some place you have always wanted to travel to? I would love to know!