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Police Calls Against Black People

by go Inspo | 1 month ago

This past week, we may have witnessed the worst case of them all.  What has been hashtagged as #CornerstoreCaroline – A white woman from Brooklyn calls the police on a 9-year-old boy.

In May we heard all about #BBQBecky – A White Woman calling the police on Black people barbecuing in public in Oakland, CA.

In April two Black customers at a Starbucks were arrested for being present in the store without being “paying customers” in Philadelphia.

Just 4 Days ago – A Black man had the police called on him for babysitting white children in Georgia.

If it’s not obvious enough already – this is a national problem that takes place across the entire country.  The above instances were also only some of the most highly publicized ones.  Sad to say, there are so many more.

This situation with CornerstoreCaroline (real name Teresa Sue Klein) – is quite possibly the worst case scenario as she traumatizes children that will have long-term effects.  In fact, the reactions of the children are problematic in itself – they are extremely fearful of this woman calling the police on them for doing nothing wrong.  Whereas the other situations, at least reasonable adults can understand the ridiculousness of the situation.

This is a persistent problem that brings to light bigger issues of race in our country that can only be resolved through exposure and conversations.  Vox covers an interesting article about all these calls from the perspective of those people picking up the 911 calls that reveals more of the complexity of having to respond to the situations despite the questions of the claims.

For the whole story about CornerstoreCaroline, watch the video below:

CornerstoreCaroline – Another Racist Police Call

CornerstoreCaroline is the latest unnecessary and blatantly racist call against Black people (in this case Black children) to take place in our country. Should it be time for consequences against false allegations? Let us know your thoughts below. #CornerstoreCaroline

Posted by GoInspo on Sunday, October 14, 2018