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Pet-friendly Vacation in Mexico

by Tinger Hseih | 1 year ago

Nervous to bring your beloved pets abroad? Not a problem. Bring them to Mexico.

On our most recent trip to Tijuana and Rosarito Mexico, my friend Adam and I were pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cross the border from the states to Mexico by foot. We briefly flashed our passports and the vet paperwork for his two dogs Raindrop and Flex. With only five people in front of us at customs, we crossed the border within 10 minutes.

Raindrop is the Yorkie and Flex is the Shihtzu

At the border, we met with our tour guide Juan from the Tijuana Tourism Board. He assured us that Mexico loves dogs and that most places would welcome them with open arms. Yet, we were still nervous. As you may encounter, not all cities in the US are as dog-friendly as they are in Los Angeles.

First stop, we enjoyed our first bites of wild-caught marlin tacos with a cilantro pesto at Acua Baja Bar & Mar; there was plenty of shaded outdoor seating for the dogs to feel relaxed. Centrally located in the heart of downtown Rosarito, this restaurant is steps away from the soft sandy beach. The owner Manix was happy to share that this town’s tourism was on the rise again and that we should come back again very soon.

Our second challenge, would there be dog-friendly hotels in Mexico? Yes, we found one at Las Rocas Resort & Spa. I do want to add the disclaimer that our tour guide Juan spoke with the management team beforehand to get approval. But there are sites that show dog and cat-friendly hotels in the area. One of the highlights of this hotel is the ocean view from my room and outdoor breakfast table. Heaven!

Adam, the pups, and I enjoying our breakfast burrito and huevos rancheros at Las Rocas Resort and Spa with this relaxing ocean view.

Heading back to Tijuana the next day, we were greeted by La Caja Galeria owner Arturo and art curator Dany. And would they let the dogs on the property? Yes, Raindrop and Flex roamed around the gallery freely, with our supervision, of course. A few aspects that I loved about the gallery was that wine was always readily available even at 10 am, each room had an element of interactive surprise, and each space included recycled material. Not only did Arturo collect and distribute art, but the art gallery itself is an interactive playground. I’m excited to see more of art projects beautifying the city.

Flex loves this art gallery as much as I do.

One of our last adventures in Tijuana was at Telefonica Gastro Park aka TJ foodie mecca. This family (and pet) friendly establishment has a diverse range of dish offerings for vegans, meat lovers, and artisanal beer drinking hipsters. Owner Antonio shared some of his favorite dishes which included the Caesar salad, Asian inspired seared tuna (Otto’s Grill), and the firewood smoked bacon sausage (Humo Characuteria). Not only did this place have amazing food, but this relaxed indoor and outdoor space is also perfect for an after work get together with friends.

Juan, our tour guide from the Tijuana Tourism Board brought us to the best spots in town.

I have to admit, I was a bit bummed to head back to the states so quickly when I know that there is more to explore in this region. I hope to make it back later this summer. And if you want to continue living variously through my posts of Rosarito and Tijuana, check out Adam and my Instagram accounts @dashofting and @adamfrancisco. See you again soon, Mexico!