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Parker’s Red Egg and Ginger Party

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

My son Parker recently turned 100 days old, so my husband and I threw a Red Egg and Ginger Party to celebrate with our friends and family. A Red Egg and Ginger Party, or what we call “man yue” (full month), is a traditional Chinese celebration that parents have when their baby hits his/her one month mark. Back in the day, infant mortality rate was really high, so reaching the one month mark was a feat and deserving of a big celebration! We chose to have the celebration at the 100 days mark instead of the traditional one month birthday since we wanted Parker to have his first round of immunizations before we introduced him to a big group of people.

Red Egg and Ginger parties are typically held at Chinese seafood restaurants with set banquet menus that include an 8-10 course of various meat and seafood dishes. These meals generally start with a cold platter (which includes cold meats, chicken or duck, and jelly fish), a seafood soup, house special lobster or crab, vegetables, fish, fried rice, and other delicious dishes. Guests are also presented with red eggs (an even amount if the baby is a boy, or odd if a girl) and ginger. Red eggs symbolize good luck, unity, and happiness, while ginger symbolizes new mothers needing to bring back balance to their weakened bodies. A lot of the food that new mothers eat after giving birth includes ginger since it warms the body.

In addition to the dessert that’s included in the meal, I put together a little dessert table for my guests because I’m a little extra, and love organizing/planning themed events. I wanted to highlight that Parker was born in the Year of the Rooster, so his cake and cookies were custom made to include Brown Bear (a popular Line App character) as a Rooster/Chicken. I also dyed some red eggs and put them in baskets to decorate the dessert table with.

It was so nice to finally introduce Parker to all our friends and family. These past three months, we’ve been a bit protective and not going out to big gatherings for fear of getting our little one sick. Since he finally hit his 100 days mark, we felt a lot more comfortable having him out. We’re so grateful for all our friends and family who showered him with red envelopes and gold jewelry—gifts that most Chinese people give at Red Egg and Ginger party celebrations. Now that his 100 days is over, it’s time for mommy to start planning his 1st birthday!! You can never plan too early!! 🙂