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Off-Roading in The Dead Sea

by Marianela Pereyra | 1 year ago

I never thought I would be this happy, at the lowest place on Earth!

Completely awestruck by the striking beauty of the Dead Sea, I stood in amazement as I observed this vast and lifeless landscape; albeit flooded with minerally rich, life-giving waters. There were clumps of salt domes that draped the shorelines beneath my feet, and the aquamarine colors were mesmerizing.

I was walking on water. Literally.

And although the floating didn’t last long, the off-roading didn’t last long enough! Here I was, off-road driving 1200 feet below sea level, in the midst of a desolate desert jewel.

This was a bucket list experience, I didn’t even know existed!

A truly unforgettable ride.