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No Purchase Necessary

by Alicia Jay | 1 year ago

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. There are many ways that people do this but almost everyone includes gift giving as part of their festivities. Unfortunately, the price and prestige of the gift often outweighs the act of giving the gift itself. Many people stress themselves out and even spend beyond their means during the holiday season in their attempts to win the holiday race.

Don’t get me wrong. Gift giving and receiving is fantastic but there are many ways that you can give all year long that require no purchase.

  1. TIME. We are frequently so busy that we neglect spending time with the ones that we love. Yes. We have responsibilities that we need to tend to but time is something that we can never get back. Slow down for a second. Start putting time with your family and friends in your calendar just like everything else. Make it a priority and give your best time to the ones that you love.
  2. GIVE. Plan an outing for your inner circle that gives back in some way. Whether it be feeding the homeless, picking up trash, whatever it may be, do it together. Moments like these are a gift in more ways than one.
  3. WRITE. When was the last time you read a letter? Written sentiments are priceless. Writing is thoughtful and gives a peaceful moment to the person writing. Put it all on paper and deliver your personalized composition to the ones you love.
  4. SERVE. Ever come home from work and wish that someone had magically cleaned your house? So do your friends and family. Create some coupons for tasks that you know they want done. It’s a fail proof gift of love that just takes a little elbow grease to fulfill.
  5. EXCHANGE. More often than not we have things that we don’t need. Put together an exchange of books, clothes or even recipes. Getting everyone together is a gift and leaving with something that is new to you and has been loved by someone you cherish is invaluable.
  6. RECORD. Get your cell phone out and make a movie. Film your kids talking about your spouse, capture footage the grandparents will never forget or tell a friend how much they mean to you. Throw some funny or heartfelt photos in the mix and clips of you together. Take it a step further and plan a viewing party! Now that is a gift that keeps on giving.
  7. COOK. If cooking is your forte, offer up your gift as a personal chef. Let them shop for the goods and you can cook up a week of meals that will create more time in their schedules to enjoy as they wish.
  8. REPURPOSE. This one is for everyone out there with a sewing thumb. Ok. That’s not a real thing but you get it. Revamp some old pieces that are worn out but near and dear to your loved ones heart. Change a pair of jeans into a skirt, cut the sleeves off a jacket and make a personalized vest…the possibilities are endless. In the end you will have a one-of-a-kind gift with a great story for the receiver to tell every time they wear it.
  9. TOUR. More than likely we have all taken a tour while on vacation but what about in your own city? There are special places that you share with the ones that you love. Gather them all, plot them out and give the gift of a bespoke afternoon filled with the meaningful locations.
  10. PRAY. Prayer is very personal but in groups it can be a powerful gift that changes everyone involved. Gather your friends and family for prayer meetups that both strengthen relationships and faith.