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Nia Wilson

by Sydel Curry | 1 year ago

I’m not gonna lie to you and say that immediately after hearing about Nia Wilson I understood what her death really meant. When I first saw what happened, I was sad and heartbroken. She was so young and to be stabbed and killed in public, on the BART, a source of transportation that I and SO many other people use on a daily basis is just wrong. But to tell you the truth, my sense of shock was not there. It’s almost like I had become immune to the death of others in my communities and I hadn’t realized it until I was literally called out by someone on Instagram. She basically said that I have a platform and for me not to be saying anything about Nia, on social media, was an injustice on my end.


A memorial for 18-year-old Nia Wilson takes shape outside Bay Area Rapid Transit’s MacArthur Station, Monday, July 23, 2018, a day after she was fatally stabbed on a platform at the station, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Lorin Eleni Gill)


Now that was shocking! I had never been called out like that before but I was also shocked because I knew my heart and as sad as I was for Nia’s family and friends but I didn’t realize what her death also meant for my community as an African-American woman. That prodded me to attend a vigil in honor or Nia. When I arrived, there was a spoken word, singing and uplifting words on how we will continue to fight for change and justice. Our generation will be the difference. It was encouraging to hear words that inspire change because it’s easy to get defeated and become immune to the tragedy like I did. I am affected by Nia’s death. I know that now and will always remember that.

It is easy for us to be pushed to the side and looked down on because we have two minority labels. African American and a woman. I realized that I should be angry. I should be putting more thought into what this wrongful death means. I have seen over the past few weeks women of all shapes, sizes, and color stand up for Nia and it really shows that we are not minorities in our minds and hearts. Our minds and our hearts are just as powerful as anyone else’s. We will not be targeted. We will not fall back. We will not surrender. Nia Wilson.