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New Year Wellness And Juicing!

by Maria Tarleton | 1 year ago

New Year Wellness And Juicing!

Wellness and resolution time! And this year my resolution is to be more active! My daughter is four and a half now. So using the excuse of chasing her around for a healthy lifestyle just isn’t cutting it anymore. So I resolve to plan to work out more and make some subtle life changes in my diet.

We all know that January is the month of healthier eating, detox, and resolutions. So I am so excited to share with you a new product that I think is the perfect way to jumpstart your New Year! “Jacobs raw” is an up and coming company that sells natural and fermented products. Fermented foods are one of the healthiest and artisanal oldest foods in the world. Their goal is to bring traditional foods back into the American mainstream. They are raw, naturally probiotic and have NO sugar! Jacob’s Raw includes 16 unique products, all with individual, robust flavors. They have recently launched a new line of cultured tonics and wellness shots (LOVE these!).

Turmeric Ginger Recover Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot
Pure Goodness Greens Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot
Beet Ginger Boost Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot
Immuni Root Balance Probiotic Cultured Wellness Shot

They have products that are genuinely raw which means your getting all the nutrients. Not to mention when you do a standard juice cleanse they are chock full of sugar. But because their tonics and wellness shots are fermented the sugars turn into lactic acid which means very little sugar! And while they don’t have that sweetness we usually all crave. You can add them to your water, smoothies, or just drink them straight.

To start the New Year right “Jacobs Raw” is letting me give away their “Wellness Shots” and “Tonics” to three lucky followers!  We’re going to select the first three people to comment below and tell us your New Year resolution. We’ll reach out to you on instructions to receive them.