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Nail Game Strong

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

I’m no nail expert, but nail art and nail trends have been going on for quite some time now. While I can’t tell you about the evolution of nail art over the years, I can tell you about the evolution of MY nail art over the years!

I feel like in these past five years especially, nail art has been taken to the next level. I’ve always been a huge fan of ridiculous nail colors and DIY nail art, but most of the time, my designs were some super basic stuff. Back in the day, I used to have my friends come over to my apartment so I could test out new nail stickers or stamps I had on them. I would also constantly change out my own nails and try out new fun/funky designs and colors. Since I didn’t really have a creative outlet at that time, my nails were the only way I could express myself and my creativity since they were a blank canvas for me to work on every week!

Photo Above: My UCLA color/Chanel sticker inspired masterpiece

Photo Above: The first time Ciate came out with this micro bead nail application kit

My nail game was pretty basic until my friend Nao took me to my first Japanese nail art experience. I had NO IDEA the type of stuff people could get on their nails and the TIME it took to actually get them done. For my first set of nails, I used my brand new obnoxious Hello Kitty cell phone case as inspiration. I opted to stick with the black/white/gold color scheme and included some 3D acrylic decorations (Hello Kitty on the thumb, puffy heart on ring finger)– the amazing thing about the 3D art is that it is all hand sculpted with acrylic powder. Two hours later, I walked out with the most amazing set of nails I’ve ever had in my life (which was forever changed).

After that first experience, I was HOOKED. I started going every month to get new designs. As you can see, I was pretty into Hello Kitty nails at the time so that was the consistent theme of my nails every month. Later on though, my designs started to focus around different themes– holidays, gaming conventions I would go to since I work in the video game industry, wedding cakes, artwork from different artists, and so on.

Not only did my nail designs start to change, but my nail shape and length also changed over the past 6 years. They went from super short and square, to loooooong and pointy! At one point, I started bringing out mock ups of the designs I wanted and it was then I became the creative director of my own nails (lol).

Since my first nail art experience, I’ve never NOT had crazy intricate designs on my nails. I’m going to be delivering my baby boy any day now, and against the advice of my mom who wanted me to completely remove all polish from my fingers, I still have a beautiful set of custom design nails. The only difference now though is that I had to cut them short (oh the sacrifices I’m making for my little guy haha!). I hope that even as a new mom I will still be able to keep up this passion of mine! Wish me luck!

Hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the evolution of my nails! I plan on sharing in future posts what I draw my inspiration from to design my nails of the month and some other funky nails designs I’ve done in the past. Please let me know if you guys have any specific type of nail content you’d like to see me write about or if you have a nail idea you’d like me to try out next time! Thank you!