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My Dad, My Hero

by Aurora Le | 1 year ago

My dad is a hero.

He was 24 years old when he immigrated to the United States from Vietnam, alone.

Only 24 years old when he realized that it was up to him to create a life in the U.S. that would help provide for the family of 5 he had to leave behind in Vietnam.

Even though he had worked hard in Vietnam and was only two months away from finishing medical school there, his academic credits ultimately could not transfer, and he was forced to painstakingly begin his college experience all again.

He still rose to the challenge.

He worked two jobs: one as a clerk at the local library, and one as a janitor of a school, in order to survive. In his free time, he listened to The Beatles, and watched the television show Taxi in order to learn English. He sent any extra money he had back home to help his family.

He knew there wasn’t time to complete medical school again, so he instead finished college with an Engineering degree— and in only three years. He even made the Dean’s List.

And, no surprise there, he eventually worked hard enough to bring the remainder of his family over.

My dad is a hero.

But as extraordinary as my father is, he is a humble, quiet man who enjoys the simple things in life— playing tennis on a Sunday morning, watering the plants in his garden, eating his favorite cranberry almond scone from a local bakery, spending quality time with his family.

He taught me the obvious things like how to ride a bike, and how to tie my shoes. But he also taught me some not-so-obvious things– like how to work unapologetically in order to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. He taught me the importance of self-discipline, and the importance of remembering your roots.

My dad is my hero.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.