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My Instant Film Camera Is Perfect For The Special Moments

by Greydy Diaz | 1 year ago

How many photos do you have on your phone or digital camera? I have 5,556 on my iPhone camera roll. On my last phone, I easily had approximately 10,000. A bit much, right? Who can relate? When I got my new phone about 3 months ago, I decided that I would really try to conserve my phone space and take pictures with a greater intention. There’s no reason why I should need to keep 5 photos that are exactly the same or hold on to the photo of my fresh manicure that I sent to my group chat. Furthermore, I take all these pictures, hardly look back on them, and almost never even bother to print them out to hang up around my home.

Let’s be real, sometimes going to Walgreens to get photos printed can feel like such a task. Maybe that’s why I have so many photos that I feel like I cannot delete. I’m afraid to lose a good photo. I have to remind myself that if I do, I’ll be alright because I will always have the memory. There was a quick turn in events when I was recently playing with the settings on my SLR camera and accidentally deleted over 1,500 of my photos. I thought I was going to cry because I had photos on there from the past three years that I didn’t have copies of. They were gone…forever.

I found a remedy to some of these issues. I purchased an instant film camera. Now, I take photos with intention and not as frequently especially because the film isn’t cheap. What I love is that it prints out the photo immediately. No trip to Walgreens for me! Instead of getting the camera that shoots out mini prints, I purchased the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera. The wide prints are 3.9″ x 2.44″ (99mm x 62mm) compared to the mini being 2.6 x 1.9 x 4 inches. Although, this isn’t the Polaroid brand camera its prints are very similar, if not identical. I’ve used it on special occasions such as weddings, holidays, travel, and birthdays but sparingly because in those moments, it’s nice to be present.

My instant film camera was perfect for my golden birthday this year. Let me tell you about this special evening. My partner told me to be ready by 6:30 PM. When the clock struck six, I was finishing up my makeup and found myself wondering where the heck he could be. He works late often but I felt like because it was my birthday,  he should at least try to come home a little early. I had on a snug white dress and my favorite black heels. I felt good! He got home, showered, and put on a dark blue suit. I love me a nice blue suit! I told him we should take a few photos with the instant film camera before we get in the Uber, so we stopped and did.

As we were leaving our home, he said, “let’s go to the rooftop to take a few more pictures”. We have a beautiful space on the roof so I didn’t think anything of it. Once we got up there, he introduced me to the chef that would be making us a Mediterranean and Hint of West African 3-course dinner. I was blown away with the entire set up. It was incredibly thoughtful and I love intimate settings so he really knocked this one out of the park. Oh, and the reason he got home later than I anticipated was because he was putting some final touches on the evening plan and was meeting with the chef. Joke was on me.

The instant photos we took that evening are now hung up in our wall and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that day and how lovely it was. There’s something about intentionally taking photos on the special days and not having to make that trip to Walgreens.