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Meet Nia

by Nia Patrick | 1 year ago

Hello! I’m Nia! I was named after the fifth principle of Kwanzaa which translates to the word “purpose” and I will be telling you a bit about my purpose, passions in life, and why I joined the GoInspo team.

In my youth, I grew up in a loving home, filled with eccentricity in the best of ways. My parents encouraged creativity, valued my imagination, and allowed me to practice every art form under the sun. I soon discovered my love for technology once I reached my new tech high school, in which all classwork and projects were surrounded by videography and graphic design. I used these newfound skills to create what was important to me at the time– a montage of Keeping Up with the Kardashian scene reenactments with my friends! Multimedia was something that I found to be a medium to have fun and be silly, while also painting a narrative for others!

Since then, I have sprung into digital arts and I haven’t looked back! Through this exploration, I soon realized that art in conjunction with videography was something that intrigued me. I have always been one to channel my energy into creative outlets such as writing poetry, creating mini-comic books, or making pottery! As I continue to explore my interests and the many things that inspire me, I have seen that allowing others to take part in it visually has helped inspire others! I love to try new things and adventure to new and exciting places!


I strongly believe that media can bring about change, and I have seen this firsthand when I embarked on a social justice project to bring equity to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. I did research based on a current issue that was impacting the community and created a media presentation and graphics to help inform students, teachers, and administration. The group I worked with gave the SRVUSD students and teachers a better understanding of their rights to protest and be activists on their campus by informing them of their rights. By way of technology and design, we believed that our work could potentially help create a legacy of more informed citizens, as well as bring unity between teachers and students.

In relation to this, I joined GoInspo to be in a community as well as create a community with the people that comprise this world; people who inspire, create, and so effortlessly live their lives in the best way they know how. I believe that there is power and beauty in the nuances of life and navigating them with a community of people is so empowering! My world is ever-changing and I’m just riding a wave to actualize my goals and become the woman my younger self would have never been able to conceptualize!