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Meet Makeba

by Makeba Lindsay | 1 year ago

Hey! My name is Makeba, but you can call me Keeb. Since you’re a part of the goinspo fam I feel like we can be on a nickname basis! 🙂

So what’s my deal you ask? 

I’m a Hair Stylist turned Women’s Lifestyle content creator and go by the name of YNOTKEEB.

One day I had one of those ah ha moments and I said to myself:

“Why not Keeb?” 

(I talk to myself on nickname basis as well lol)

Why not follow your dreams, pursue your passions, explore your interests, live your best life and share it with the world? You never know who you’re empowering just by being yourself.

So I worked to create a platform that reflected the type of media I wished I had growing up. There’s clearly an issue with the lack of representation for minority women and I decided to be the change I wanted to see.

I have created a safe space that allows all women to feel empowered because I believe that learning how to do something new builds confidence.

That being said, I love sharing life hacks from fitness to fashion and everything in between to help you create the life that you want.

So let’s get this life as we get to know each other better!