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Living Our Best Lives at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

My best friend Connie turned 35 this year, so I wanted to get her something extra special for her birthday. Instead of buying her something tangible, I wanted to treat her to an experience that we could both remember! Connie is one of the most hard working and kind hearted girls I know. Aside from having to work as a nurse in the pediatric oncology department, Connie also cares for her two daughters Mia and Ella. When she’s not at work, she’s taking her kiddos to the park, baby gym, concerts at the park, movies, or somewhere fun, entertaining, or educational. She’s a kick ass mom, wife, daughter, and friend, so I wanted to treat her to a day where she could just relax and not have to worry about anything or anybody else but herself.

I did some research and decided to take her to the Glen Ivy Hot Springs out here in Corona, California. I’ve been there once before with friends a long time ago, but didn’t remember much about it, except that they had a really cool area where you can take a mud bath. After coordinating with Connie what would be the best date for her, I called the spa and booked two 50 minute Aromasoul Elements Massages, which is their fancy way of saying full body Swedish massages with essential oils. I also added in admission to the entire facility so we could take advantage of all the amenities the spa had to offer which includes 19 different pools, loungers, steam rooms, saunas, a bath house with showers and lockers, four bars and a restaurant, and Club Mud (the outdoor mud therapy experience that I remembered from last time).

Connie and I got to the spa an hour and a half before our massage appointments. We wanted to scope out the place and hang out a bit before our treatment so we checked in, went to the Bath House to put our belongings in the lockers, and changed into our swimsuits. After we settled in, we walked around and ending up going into Club Mud, an area where you soak your entire body in a spring water mud pool before you apply a thin layer of California red clay mud all over your entire body (including your face!). After the clay had been applied everywhere, we baked in the sun for a bit and went into this hot cave to help make the clay dry faster. The clay is supposed to help exfoliate the skin, draw out impurities, and leave your skin super soft after you wash it all off. Our skin felt amazing after we rinsed off in one of the outdoor showers!!

After our Club Mud experience, we went back to the Bath House to change out of our wet bathing suits so we could head on over to get our massages. When we first got to the Glen Ivy and checked in, we found out that our massages were in two separate buildings. I was a bit peeved when they told us that, considering they knew we were going together for a birthday treat. However, after I voiced my displeasure, the attendant make some changes and put us both In the same building. SO, the point of me sharing this part is—make sure if you end up going with friends and booking a treatment (massage, facial, etc.) let them know when you’re making the appointment over the phone that you’d like to be in the same building! #protip

I totally should have booked a longer massage for us because the 50 minutes just flew right by. It probably didn’t help that I fell asleep at the end, but it was definitely nice to be able to lay in peace (minus my chatterbox masseuse who talked to me half the time lol) and not have to attend to a crying baby haha!!

Post massage selfie with indents on our face

After our massage, we headed back to the Bath House and changed back into our bathing suits so we could hang out a bit more before we both had to go back home to our daily wifey/mommy duties. Before we checked out the different mineral baths, saunas and pools, we stopped by the Ivy Kitchen and got some food to eat. The nachos! Get the nachos!! They were delicious 🙂  After our bellies were full, we soaked a bit in the mineral bath (be prepared, it smells a bit stinky from the sulfur!), spent a few minutes in the dry sauna, and cooled off and chatted for a bit in the pool.

Alas, our wonderful half day of rest and relaxation had to come to an end—Connie had to pick up her kiddos from day care, and I had to go back home to my son Parker, who my mom was helping me watch. Even though we didn’t get to spend the whole day there, it was enough time for us to hang out, reminisce about our lives before kids, and give us an opportunity for us to take care of our mind, body, and soul. Being a mom is hard work, so it’s important to sometimes treat yourself and do you! I have the worst memory, but I’ll always remember and cherish the wonderful day that I got to spend with my best friend Connie for her 35th birthday. It was so fun that we may make it an annual girls treat with our other girlfriends! For more information about Glen Ivy Hot Springs, check out their website here!

Whenever there is a photo opportunity, you know I’ll take it!