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Kyrie Irving Shares Exclusive Sneakers with COSeezy to Launch Sneaker Essentials

by Chris "COSeezy" Strachan | 1 year ago


What’s up Go Inspo Fam! I’m just getting home from a long 5 days covering NBA All Star Weekend in LA. All Star Weekend in Los Angeles was everything you would have expected it to be. I came to All-Star Weekend to launch Sneaker Essentials, a career discovery platform introducing people to careers in the sneaker industry, in collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology and Complex.

Check out the video below to see the first video with myself and Kyrie.

I had the opportunity to catch up with some of the biggest names in the sneaker culture but it’s always love when I get to catch up with Kyrie Irving. As far as basketball sneakers, Kyrie is probably the go to guy. Every night, millions of people tune into watch Ky break ankles, make difficult shots that maybe a handful of players in the league can make but most importantly we want to see which (P.E) player edition shoe Kyrie is going to rock. Every time he steps on the court, his sneakers make a statement. Whether it’s a dope colorway or special message like his “Equality” Kyrie 4’s. His sneakers are a statement that starts a conversation among people from all walks of life. That’s the essence of Kick’n It.

It’s becoming a tradition for Ky and I to link up during All Star weekend and just catch up because we don’t get to see each other often. Let me let ya’ll in on something, you probably don’t know about All Star Weekend for NBA Players but especially the superstars like Kyrie, it’s CRAZY. If you ever get a chance to look at the schedule of an NBA All Star during All Star Weekend, you’ll probably understand why they look a little exhausted or they aren’t super excited about your once in a lifetime opportunity to sign your jersey. So instead of linking up Saturday night, we linked after the All Star Game. He told me when the Celtics came to Oakland, he had some kicks for me.  I expected some dope game worn Kyrie P.E’s that I would be able to bless some lucky kid with. I walked in the crib and he brings down 7 pairs of exclusive, never before seen kicks. I honestly didn’t even know what to say! The fact that he was so hyped to debut these kicks with me, was so dope.

He’s a smart dude and I’ve been telling him about Sneaker Essentials for a few months now. He brought me a pair of kicks that he actually designed himself which is a big part of our platform. He knew so many intricate details about the development of his sneaker and the direction he wants to go with personal brand which may surprise some people but I wasn’t shocked at all. The coolest part of the whole interview was when I asked him, “If the 15 year old version of you could have a job in the sneaker industry, what would you do?”. He could have said anything, designer, brand manager or any “normal sneaker industry job”.  He said that if he could do any job, HE WOULD DO WHAT I DO!. That’s so humbling coming from him. Ya’ll probably think, “how cool is that for KYRIE IRVING to say something like that!”. For me, it was about a guy that I consider a good friend to be watching all the hard work I’ve put in from a distance show me love and appreciation. I created Kick’n it For a Cause because I wanted to use my passion for sneakers to connect people and make them smile, I mean it’s really that simple. I can’t give you some cliché professional job description, just know that my entire goal is for you to read these blogs, watch these videos and come to these events and leave with a smile. If you’ve done that today, then I’ve done my job.


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