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Kids, Jamaica, and Basketball with the PMBL Camp

by Chris "COSeezy" Strachan | 1 year ago

Last year, around this time my sister got married in Jamaica. After a dope weekend with my family, I was ready to go back home to Cali and get to work. As I was waiting for my flight, I overheard these guys talking about Game of Thrones, which is my favorite show. I know we all know that feeling when you hear people talking about something that you really like and you try to mind your business but you eventually give in to the urge to jump in! That’s exactly what I did. From that conversation, I got to know Jake Kind from the PMBL (Philadelphia Men’s Basketball League). I got a chance to talk to him about myself and Kick’n it. He told me about a camp that his organization puts on annually that introduces the game of basketball to hundreds of kids in Jamaica. I’ve done camps for years, so I was immediately hyped to see what he was doing over in a country that means so much to me. I’m a first generation Jamaican- American, my mom is from Kingston, Pops is from St Mary’s. I spent pretty much every summer of my childhood back in Jamaica visiting my family. So throughout the year, Jake and I stayed in touch to figure how we could collaborate to connect with these kids.

God gave me the opportunity to help teach the game of basketball to kids in a place that means so much to me. Although I wasn’t a college basketball player, the game of basketball has taken me to so many dope places, created lifelong relationships and helped me develop values that have successfully patterned my life today. I’ve studied the game vigorously and spent time around some of the most respected basketball minds so to be able to share my knowledge with these kids was amazing.

The PMBL youth camp is in its 6th year and they’ve created such a great experience for these kids. We taught them the basic fundamentals of basketball. We really have to start from scratch because they don’t have the access to TV and digital media to even watch and learn on a consistent basis. Most notably, Basketball is an afterthought in Jamaica, it’s all about Football and cricket.

Every time I go to Jamaica, it’s always an amazing vibe. I’m not your average New Yorker, I smile at strangers and spark up a conversation with people because I inherited it from my Jamaican roots. I went to a bar out there in treasure beach called Fisherman’s.  The DJ was the bartender, the busboy, AND the waiter.  Everywhere I ate tasted like my mom’s cooking (not as good tho lol!). I just want to thank  Jake and the PMBL family for having me out and I can’t wait to do it again. Here are some stats from the camp, you can check out the PMBL Youth Camp here!

We served 1013 registered campers over the course of 5 days and 9 sessions.

In a beautiful vibrant community like Treasure Beach it takes a whole
Village to get the job done.

Thank you the whole team.
140 Jakes Hotel and Jacks Sprat Family.
50 PMBL Coaches.
12 Henzell’s
10 camper cooks.
7 Edusport sport coaches
6 local teams compete in our 6th 🇯🇲  tournament
6 Likkle swimmers Life Savers
6 Peace Corp Volunteers
5 Kinds
5 Breds treasure beach sports park family members.
5 bus drivers.
3 Coach Cookes
4 video crew
2 Happy House pre school teaches
1 professional  basketball player and future WNBA star
1 photographer
1 Lil Jack
1 Big Jack
1 Coach Jacky Potato’s
1 NBA Ref
1 NCAA Ref
1 NBA strength & conditioning coach.
1 Doctor Dave Mi Lion of Electricity
1 Coach Jo-Jo
1 Announcer, rapper, model, actor, auThor, Drewbie Blazington
1 Survivor Winner
1 Professional  MMA Fighter
1 NFL Player/Recovery Specialist
1 National Fencing Coach Mitro
1 coach Nurse Ellen
1 Coach Babe
1 Coseezy
1 Moose
1 Coach THE Don Holly
1 UCS Spirit (Zack Schwartz)
1 team one dream.
10,000 smiles.
Infinite LOVE created.

@pmbleague soon come back