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Instagram’s Cutest Sleeping Baby

by Jen Fisch | 1 year ago

I was aimlessly wandering the internet looking for inspiration when I came across Instagram’s cutest sleeping baby. BabyJoey Choiz is beyond adorable.  I am not one of those baby freaks and I definitely don’t typically follow adorable babies on Instagram, BUT this baby dressed up in super cute costumes could change that.

Joey’s mom dresses her up while she naps in pop culture inspired costumes. Not just a little prop here and there, but full-fledged amazing costumes. They are absolutely the cutest thing you will see all week! From movie characters, to a Laker Girl, to an adorable miniature In N Out employee- the outfits are so cute and the chubby sleeping baby faces are even cuter.  The captions are on point too!

It’s fun to see how becoming a mom definitely sparked Laura’s creativity and gave her a wonderful new outlet.


Little Joey has grown up and is now 2, but her mom is still capturing the napping cuteness and now little Joey is about to be an older sister, so I’m sure there are lots of cute photoshoots ahead! So if you love chubby cheeks and super cute babies, you must head to @lauraiz who even turned it into a book.

I’m sure the family will love looking back at all of these pictures when Joey is a teenager. I know I’ve been struggling lately with how quickly my daughter is growing up and wish that when she was this age I was able to spend time cherishing each moment. It really does go so incredibly fast, I love that Laura is spending quality time capturing these precious moments while her baby sleeps when it would be much easier to catch up on work, bills, or whatever. All of those things can wait, but you will never get the moments back with your little angel.