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I was Saved by the Max!

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

Any time there is an opportunity to dress up or experience something new, I’m always the first to be in. So, when I first heard about the Saved by the Max pop-up diner, I was stoked because Saved by the Bell was one of my favorite shows growing up! Other favorites included Mr. Belvedere, Full House, Family Matters, Small Wonder– my gosh there are too many to name! Saved by the Max is a pop-up restaurant in West Hollywood that serves up food  created by Michelin Star Chef Brian Fisher. It is a complete remake of The Max, a local campus hangout that was featured frequently on the show and the backdrop for some of the most popular episodes people remember!

So what should a Saved by the Max-goer expect when they take this walk down memory lane?

Come Hungry! – Admission comes with your choice of an appetizer and an entrée, however, there are a bunch of delicious sides, drinks, and desserts that you can add on to your order as well. For appetizers, my friends and I shared the Poutine Engel and Snow White and the Seven Dorks (which is Save by the Max fancy for straight up buffalo wings)—they were both delicious! Entrée options included Tori’s Fried Chicken, Bayside Burger, The Kelly Kapowski (their spin on the traditional monte cristo), and more. For dessert, we all shared a Hey, Hey, Hey, Pie of the Day (which was chocolate cream), and a Snack Attack (chocolate + bananas + ice cream = yum). There was also an amazing list of deliciously themed cocktails including I’m So Excited (probably one of the most famous quote from Jessie), Zachary Daiquiri, Mark Paul 75, and etc. You can check out the entire menu here!

Expect to take lots of pictures! – I mean, the whole place is #grammable. It’s an instagram lover’s heaven since there are so many fun backdrops to take pictures in front of. It’s especially fun if you get dressed up too, so definitely Google your favorite Saved by the Bell character for some inspiration on what kind of outfits to rock. Here are some photo ideas in case you’re not sure of what makes for a good backdrop! My girlfriends and I channeled our inner Kelly Kapowskis– my friend Connie really committed to the role and cut her bangs for that extra Kelly effect (next level stuff, amirite?)

Tips and Tricks –

  • The food came out really slowly for us when we ate there, so I would recommend asking your waitress an approximate wait time for the food to come out to decide if you want to take pictures before or after your food arrives. If the food takes a while, it’s definitely best to use that time to walk around the venue to snap a few pics for your gram. That way, your makeup (and clothes) will look fresh and not be smeared and dirtied from you digging into them chicken wings lol (not speaking from experience… lol…) If the food is going to come out fast, then by all means, eat first, then pictures later!
  • If you upload a photo onto your Instagram and include #savedbythemax, they can print you a photo with a Saved by the Max border for $5. To be honest, I would probably save your money and just enjoy the pics from your phone/computer. The border for the photo is pretty basic, so definitely not worth your $5!
  • They sell merch! Want to remember your amazing experience? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to snag up some Bayside hoodies and t-shirts!
  • I would definitely recommend watching a few episodes of Saved by the Bell to not only get you pumped for your dinner, but so you can get a refresher on the show since there are so many details in this pop up that it can be easy to miss a thing or two. There are so many references to the episodes in not only the names of the food and drinks, but also the signage and props (especially in the lockers!) If you don’t have time, not a big deal—you’ll still get a kick out of seeing and experience the whole thing!

Excited and can’t wait to go? Tickets are still available for sale here! For those of you who are able to make it to this limited time pop-up, have so much fun and enjoy yourselves! Can’t wait to see all your pics! Make sure to post on Instagram and include #SavedbytheMax!