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I Didn’t Get Inside of Comic Con 2018

by Andy Nguyen | 1 year ago

Comic-Con is the world’s largest convention for collectors, nerds, fanboys(girls), cosplayers, etc! The time of year when everyone packs into downtown San Diego. The things going on outside of the show are just as crazy as inside. We come here to find out first what’s coming out in the Superhero movies, buying ultra exclusive collectibles, and wait for panels to see our favorite stars talk about what’s to come. Since Annie Por talked about what goes on inside at Comic-Con, I’ll talk about what goes on outside.

This is the first time I’ve been back in years. The last time I came, I dressed as Captain Planet This year I failed to dress as something cool. We didn’t go into the show this year either. Why? Because I had friends in town from Houston and gave them our passes to go enjoy it. There’s so much to do outside of the show that I didn’t really mind. No fomo here.

What I enjoy about the outside events of Comic-Con is the excitement it brings to the city. All the local businesses thrive with all the traffic. Parking does go up to $100 bucks in some spots though. We visited the Ready Player One experience, Jack Ryan experience, but the South Park escape room line was 4 hours wait long. There were a lot of art exhibits going on, Conan Con had a crazy line for people waiting. The Bait store had a line of people all day of fans trying to buy exclusive collectibles. We rode throughout downtown on the rentable scooters and caught Pokemon on the go. A fun quick trip to Downtown San Diego without actually going into Comic Con. What should I dress up as next year?