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Honoring Aretha Franklin

by go Inspo | 1 year ago

The Queen of Soul.  The Trailblazer. The Forever Aretha.

Today we lost a monumental figure way ahead of her time.  Through her personality, her music and her lyrics she saw all that was good and life’s important values.  How much better would we be as human beings if we showed more R-E-S-P-E-C-T to one another?

Her legacy has been cemented.  Her face will be etched into the Mount Rushmore of music and her voice will live on.  Forever.

To honor her today, there is an outpouring of support.  Here’s a great video by the NYT to…as we should say “honor” her as she will forever be remembered.

Also as her music has transcended the way we listen – why not play some of her best throughout the rest of the week and weekend?  See below for Spotify’s Aretha Franklin playlist.