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Giving Back Update – Broadway High School

by go Inspo | 1 year ago

Our kids are back to school!  Hopefully adjusting, learning, and growing.  We’re excited to inform the goInspo community we reached our goal of 50 supply items.  Thank you so much for all your support.

For students that have a lot of obstacles in their life – school supplies should not be one of them.  Some students had mentioned their backpacks were taken or stolen from them, so these supplies go a long way.

We’re happy to have highlighted Broadway Highschool, part of the Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (FCS).  Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley is a division of Caminar that brings mental wellness services on-campus in high need communities. One of their newest school partners is Broadway High School, a continuation school in San Jose, California, that supports students who identify as foster youth, experience poverty, and homelessness, and face many educational barriers.

We’re sharing our core values of giving back through a school supply drive where you can help ensure students have the essential tools they need to learn! GoInspo’s tangible display of caring and support will spark and sustain the students’ commitment for this school year.

Thank you once again to the FCS team and in particular Jenelle and Shirley, who has been an avid supporter of goInspo from the very beginning!