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by Lala Daly | 1 year ago

I talk a lot about my Greek culture and often neglect the fact that my father’s from a small place called the Republic of Ireland. The side of Ireland that didn’t back down 90 years ago when the Brits invaded. So naturally I was born a fighter *inserts wink emoji*.

The point of me telling you this self fact is to defend my love of potatoes! It’s literally in my blood… Running through my Irish genes.

Us Irish are known to love the blander side of the tasting palette, but you know what? Embrace it and go with it. Ever since we were young, we would love a good Jacket Potato straight from the oven, fluffed with butter and topped with whatever your heart desired. Usually baked beans and mountains of cheese.

It’s literally the easiest and yummiest dinner to make for everyone and customize each one without too much hassle, especially for a single mum of 5 like mine.

If your life is chaotic and unorganised like mine, it can be a little annoying to have to wait for the potato to bake. I generally wait to cook until I’m starving but on one of those days when I’m at home and have my day together, I’ll start thinking about food way before dinner time, like the day I spontaneously captured this dinner time for you.

Growing up we commonly chose maris piper potatoes; however the older I get, the more I prefer a sweeter potato like the Hannah which is a great baking potato, naturally sweet and crisps perfectly on the outside.


  • Large Potato (I used an Organic Hannah Sweet Potato).
  • Plant based butter. ( I chose Earth Balance)
  • Vegan cream cheese or any vegan cheese of your liking. ( I love me some Kitehill)
  • Organic avocado.
  • Organic sliced mushrooms.
  • Organic spring mix or leaves of your choice.

How to.

  1. Preheat oven to 450° fahrenheit for about 20 mins. In the meantime, wash your chosen potato and then cut a big cross in the middle. Turn upside down and stab the bottom of the potato in a few random places to let it breathe as its cooking.
  2. I personally like to add a little scoop of butter on to the top of the potato and place in the middle of the oven, straight onto the wire rack. For cleaning purposes, place foil on the shelf below. Let cook for 60mins (sometimes they’ll need a little longer depending on the size of the potato)
  3. About 10 mins before your timer goes off, heat up a little butter and throw sliced mushrooms into a small pan. Cook until browned, you may or not sprinkle a little black pepper over them for taste.
  4. A few minutes before your potato timer goes off, put a handful or 2 of your leaves in a pan, they don’t have to be cooked just slightly heated for 30 seconds or so.
  5. Slice your avocado and get your cream cheese ready.
  6. Take your potato out, open it up and when its steaming hot get some butter right in the middle and use a fork to fluff it up.
  7. Put your salad on your plate, place your potato on top and then add all your delicious toppings. Walla one pukka potato!

It couldn’t be easier, you can add as many seasonings on top as desired.

You can thank me later.

Love your favourite Brit,