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For Me It’s Always Been…’Día de la Madre’

by Marianela Pereyra | 1 year ago

Mother’s Day is observed in countries all over the world, and in my motherland of Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has always been known to me as, “el día de la Madre” – celebrated on the third Sunday of October. This is great news for my Mom, who gets to indulge in two “Mother’s Day” celebrations ;). The issue for me has always been the “celebration” part. What do you get a Mom who refuses to accept any gift you get her?! More on that later.

According to sons and daughters everywhere, Mother’s Day is the day we all claim to have the greatest mother on the planet, and I am no exception- my Mom is the GREATEST mother in the world! Unlike other ‘observed holidays’ that populate my Gmail calendar, this one matters the most to me. On this day we not only honor moms and grandmas everywhere, but we pay tribute to motherhood and everything it stands for. We praise the beauty, strength, and courage of the women who love us unconditionally, and who always make us feel safe.

There is no one who can comfort me quite like my ‘Mami.’ My Mother and Grandmother are my rock. They laid the foundation for who I am today, and for that, one day of gratitude could never suffice. I’m forever grateful to them. We moved to the United States when I was five years old, and my Mom did everything in her power to make sure I received the affection, education, and encouragement to succeed in a world where English was my second language and where fitting in wasn’t exactly easy. She’s a shining example of just how much you can accomplish in life when you work hard and treat others with love and respect.

My Mami is a fierce, passionate, talented, selfless, bold, caring woman who always taught by example, and always spoke her truth. Sometimes a little too much 😉 There’s never a dull moment with a ‘Latina’ Mom! She’s brutally honest, in the best of ways, and I’m thankful she always gave it to me straight, no sugar coating, not even a teaspoons worth. Speaking of cooking, I think I may have the only Latin Mom on the planet that doesn’t know her way around the kitchen. For that, there was my Abuelita, my culinary hero! My Mom was an incredible dancer though, and the ballerina in me thanks her for those artistic genes 🙂

Back to the “celebration” part. The conundrum for me on Mother’s Day is figuring out what in the world to get my Mom! She is the kind of mom who does not want gifts, and no matter how creative I get, the gift cards somehow make it back to me a year later. “Baby, I found these Nordstrom gift cards, you use them baby.” Yes. every sentence starts and ends with “baby.” “Uhm, Mom I got those for you for Mother’s Day!”… “Baby no, you use it baby!”

Ugh. One year I literally had a flat screen nailed to her wall to show her how much she means to me, needless to say – it didn’t go well. I now understand that the only gift my Mom wants is more time with me. And I’m more than happy to oblige.

Love you Mami!!