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Flaxseed Strawberry Plant-Based Homemade Face Mask

by Lala Daly | 1 year ago

As you know I’m a new mama to a very active, full of I don’t know where she gets this energy from a 10-month-old baby girl. Therefore time never seems to be on my side. When I’m trying to squeeze a mask into my daily routine LOL wait who am I kidding, daily? I’d be happy if I can get one mask on, once a week or two. So when this rare opportunity comes along, it has to be something I have in the bathroom cupboard or something I can whip up quickly, from ingredients that are likely to always be in the kitchen. I need a mask that sets fast and is effective in a short time.

I found two ingredients that I seem to always have in my kitchen, that work great together and are quick and effective enough for my quick mama homemade masks.


1.Grounded Flaxseed. – If you’re vegan like Snoh and I you will always have flaxseeds hidden in the freezer, as you know its no.1 for replacing eggs, a vegan bakers dream. I will confess, I do love me some grain free vegan pancakes in the morning. I add a little bit of almond/cashew milk to the mix and one tablespoon of flaxseed, mixed with water and pow! There you have it, fluffy melt in your mouth healthy pancakes.

2. Fresh Strawberries. – Firstly Snoh loves some fresh juicy strawberries for breakfast and snack time. Raising a vegan baby means keeping her daily diet entertained with a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables, ranging from sweet to savory. Making strawberries my to go fruit for her.

Step 1.

I personally juice 2/3 larger strawberries or 3/4 smaller strawberries thru my slow juicer. I use the juice from strawberries to bind the flaxseeds instead of water.

Step 2.

Mix two tablespoons of strawberry juice with every one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds. Mix together well. If the mixture looks a little dry, don’t be scared to add a little extra juice.

Step 3.

Let the mixture sit for roughly 5-10mins. I don’t like to put it in the fridge to set, as I feel like it dries the mixture out, I keep it at room temperature.

Step 4.

Apply mask to all face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips. I prefer to use a brush to apply it. Let it sit for 10-15mins, if you have sensitive skin, you may feel a little tingle. If at any point it starts to feel more than a tingle, take off immediately. If you find it too thick, blend it up a little and add a splash of juice.

Step 5.

Wash off with luke warm water and continue regular skin care routine. I currently finish with Pixi Glow Tonic Toner and Hanacure’s Nano Technology Emulsion. Extra strawberries usually keep the babies entertained, caution: babies may get messy.

If you’re wondering why I chose to use a little squeeze of strawberry juice over some H20, let me ask you; did you know strawberries are actually full of salicylic acid?. A natural plant chemical often found in your skin care products. Salicylic acid is used as a skin exfoliant. If used in the right amount, it works wonders. It opens your dirty little clogged pores and promotes cell turnover, making your skin grow faster and fresher. If you find you have annoyingly uneven skin tone, salicylic acid is known for evening out discolouration. Therefore strawberries are an all-around winner!

Disclaimer. If you haven’t used salicylic acid before, please do a skin test before you apply on your beautiful faces or consult your health professional. Not all natural plant-based ingredients work with all skin types. I have combinational skin, often oily then dry. My skin is also very sensitive. I know I know, I got all those good Irish genes! I got it from my Dada! I got it from my Dada! *Inserts crying emoji*

Flaxseeds are a world known SUPERFOOD! They act similar in effectiveness as eggs do. They are full of great essential nutrients such as omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin E. Mixing flaxseeds with a liquid binds the flaxseeds to a make a sticky consistency, which sets on the face and helps to tighten your pores. If you have whole flaxseeds, grind before use.

Most masks are most effective with continuous use, try this twice a week for a month to see skin changes, I’m going to be real with you. Stop being impatient and expecting instant results. Use something, keep trying it and actually give it a chance to show you what it can do.