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Featured Friday- Tiffany’s Story

by Featured Friday | 1 year ago

HI! I’m Tiffany. I’m a Christian, a wife, a Registered Nurse, a believer in all things good and a taste tester of all things delicious. I don’t have much of an exciting story or crazy life experience to share, and like everyone else, I’m just trying to find my path on this journey of life. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

At an early age, I realized that I loved food. I’m not just talking about frozen chicken nuggets and french fries, I’m talking about the real stuff: the arroz con picadillo, the chicken adobo, and the mojo marinated lechon. It wasn’t only the eating I loved, it was also the process of it all: the chopping, sauteing, roasting and baking. At an early age, my mom (the greatest cook in the history of the universe)  placed me in the kitchen. I started off with a peeler and a mixing bowl and then progressed to a knife and a stovetop when I was still very young. My mom is Filipino and my dad is Puerto Rican (my sister and I call ourselves “Filiricans”), so not only am I mixed, but everything we ate was mixed. My parents did a fabulous job at introducing my sister and I to different cultures and foods while we were still young, which I am thankful for. But the biggest lesson I learned from them was that food meant family time! Every night, no matter how busy, distant or crazy life was, we would always gather around the dinner table, give thanks, and eat together as a family. *Mom & Dad, if you’re reading this, you guys are the best! Love you.

In my childhood years, I learned that it wasn’t cool being the overweight girl bringing ‘weird’ ethnic foods to school. I recently shared this story on my instagram but here’s a quick snippet. Because I loved making and eating different kinds of foods, I did not settle for the average PBJ or ham sandwich for lunch. I wanted, and brought, bowls of warm rice, marinated meats, seasoned veggies and thickened sauces. I wanted the comfort foods I ate at home the night before. After tirelessly and constantly hearing the “EW what’s that?!” or the “ugh, that looks gross”, I decided to start packing what the cool kids brought: lunchables, chef boyardee cans and sandwiches. Needless to say, I soon realized that being “cool”, was boring and tasteless so I happily went back to my homemade meals because being me meant more fun and flavor. *P.S. To all the happy little chubby kids out there bringing and eating “weird” foods to school, you are not alone!

Over the years, I realized that I love people as much as I love food. Being a nurse has opened up a whole new perspective on life itself. I have never felt as tired, exhausted and drained as I do when I’m at work; yet I have never felt as humbled, compassionate and satisfied as I do when I leave. It’s such a blessing to be able to do God’s work, serve others and make a difference in somebody else’s life, may it be big or small.

So this brings me to where I am now. I decided to combine my love for food, nursing and people by establishing @herban.eats on instagram. I wanted to create a place where I could inspire others to be genuine about their life’s passions and adventurous enough to try new things. Welcome to my life’s kitchen, where there are no measurements to my recipes or instructions in my everyday world. Here on @herban.eats I love sharing meals & ideas from my mind, my journey as a wife & nurse, and my everyday life & experiences. Come join along and Follow me!

Thank you to all that took the time to read this and to GOINSPO for providing such an authentic community to inspire and share.

*Also, Ayesha Curry, if you’re reading this, I just wanted to let you know that you are my role model and I might just be your biggest fan

-Photos (3)  by Shelby Robinson Photography –  SRPORTRAITURE