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Featured Friday – Mia Dawson’s Story

by Featured Friday | 1 year ago

My name is Mia Dawson and approximately 9 years ago I traded in my badge for a diaper bag. Although now I know it was the best decision of my life, I was not so happy about it back then. I had been working in the criminal justice field as Juvenile Counselor and eventually a Juvenile Probation Officer. I absolutely loved every bit of my career, which is why it was so difficult to give it up.  But in early 2009 I turned in my resignation letter and decided to stay at home full-time with my oldest son. I didn’t understand at the time why I had to leave my amazing career, but I sure found out three years later why that difficult decision had to be made.


In 2011 my husband and I got the news that no parent wants to hear, “your son is on the Autism Spectrum.” I went through all the emotions you can think of. I was hurt, angry, blamed myself and ultimately went into a slight depression.  It probably took two years before I came out of the fog and said: “he may have this diagnosis, but it will not take over him or us.”  We decided we were going to fight for him to get the best therapy and whatever else he needed.  Our ultimate goal was that our Nehemiah would be able to live a successful life on his own one day.

That fight I discussed earlier was exactly what it was, a fight. After going through different therapies, therapist and schooling issues we finally found the best therapy and school for our son. Now the present day our Nehemiah has private in-home therapy and I homeschool him. He has grown so much and is thriving in every area of his life. I am so grateful for his progress, but I also wanted to celebrate his journey. So in 2014 my co-author and I published our first book in a series of books entitled Neo and the Blue Balloon.  Our second book just published this January is entitled Not All Frogs Are Green.  These books along with the other ones (not published yet) are fun, adventurous, inspirational and teach kids principles of life.


I hope that my story inspires someone to believe beyond themselves. To give up their life, wants, and needs in order for someone else to grow in theirs.  I hope that women will know they can leave their careers to be at home and still be successful. I never would have thought that trading in my badge for a diaper bag would be so rewarding. I never would have chosen this life for myself, but I am so glad I did. This life fits me best.  My favorite scripture verse is with God anything is possible. I have truly seen His grace and mercy in my life and the new purpose I am walking in.

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