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Featured Friday – Kara’s Story & $5,000 Infertility Grant

by Featured Friday | 1 year ago

One instant is all it takes for many to create a life. A single miraculous moment can turn a tiny, two-door car into a minivan with car seats. It can turn a small, one bedroom apartment into a modest home with a nursery. It can set a happy couple on the path to becoming an elated family.

Sadly, infertility leaves many couples unable to realize this dream. My husband, Brandon, and I desperately tried to start a family of our own for three and a half years. We trudged through emotional and physical distress, seeing failed pregnancy test after failed pregnancy test, paired with failed intrauterine inseminations and In Vitro procedures. Luckily, after what seemed like an eternity of hardship, we were blessed with our beautiful twin babies. Overcoming this hurdle was no cheap feat, however, seeing as how only fifteen states in the US mandate coverage for infertility provision.

Brandon and I were wildly fortunate, even in the midst of all the heartache and turmoil, but my heart aches daily for the countless couples unable to conceive on their own.

This cruel truth is precisely what inspired us to found the Starfish Infertility Foundation; a 501c3 organization designed to award grants to those suffering through the trials and tribulations of infertility. Since its conception, the grants (named for our children Bexleigh and Braxton), have been awarded annually. So far, six lovely couples have been awarded the grant and, in turn, the world has been awarded with the birth of three baby boys. A fourth boy is confirmed to be on his way, and we are anxiously following the stories of the two most recent grant recipients.

It is with immense pleasure that we open the Braxton Grant to applicants living in the United States. This grant, for a sum of up to $5,000, will be awarded in June 2018. If you or someone you know is struggling with their own infertility journey and seeking financial support in this trying time, please download an application at In addition, you can also look at our “Get Involved” tab for ways to help others through this painful time in their lives. We know that a family is a priceless achievement. It would be our pleasure to help you afford it.


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Our Journey:

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Content writer:  Andrew Smithers

Kara Edwards currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, 2 children, and Sheltie.  She spends her time snuggling new babies as a newborn photographer/videographer for her company Edwards Photography Studios  When she is not in the studio, or planning events for Starfish Infertility Foundation, she loves nothing more than playing with her kids, being on the water with her family and friends, or relaxing with a glass of wine.