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Featured Friday – Allison’s Story

by Featured Friday | 1 year ago

Right now, I find myself somewhere near the crossroads of ART, MOTHERHOOD, and COMMUNITY.  I kind of picture these as intersecting circles and I want to think of each in the broadest sense.

When I sit down to write or think, this is what comes to mind.  I have no special expertise or insight. I am just Allison. I am not really into titles but people seem to need them to know something about you.  So I am a wife, mother, and friend, among other things. I also identify myself as an artist, writer, and lawyer— so just an expressive problem solver to simplify it all.  My goal is to just try and look for the best in everything. Sometimes it is hard. At those times, it is helpful to literally sit down and count your blessings. There will be plenty to count once you get started, so it is best to just get going.

So, ART.  I started painting seriously a few years ago.  I took some time off between jobs because I needed to do something for myself.  I gave myself some space to engage in a wonderful painting course. For my own sanity and happiness.  Thankfully I had the support of my husband and family to do that. So I started painting and the art process started clicking for me.  So I paint as often as I can. Practice is how you get better. I try to find special bits of time to create in the spare moments. Every time I get to pick up a brush is special. Part of the way I make time to create these days is to paint with my oldest son.  It is truly one of our favorite things to do together. He always brings a fresh set of eyes and perspective to the process. Art is a blessing.

MOTHERHOOD.  My children are special to me.  It has been several years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  That literally means “Many Scars”—as in lesions on your brain and spinal cord which are areas of damage.  It is an “invisible disease” so you might not even know it is a part of my story. But I have not forgotten about it.  On a day- to-day basis, it does not affect me much in that I remain very mobile, and have no clinical symptoms or disability.  I am able to take good care of myself and my family. But at the time we were thinking about starting our family, that diagnosis was weighing heavy on my mind.  What would life look where those two points intersect? I looked for resources about motherhood and MS and came up with very little. Somehow we figured it out and we are still doing so.  Pregnancy and nursing my children has been a wonderful blessing, as it creates a point of remission for the disease. Giving life and nourishment to them literally blesses me in return. Thankful for that perspective.  Motherhood is a blessing.

And COMMUNITY.  What I am slowly learning, is that life is about sharing.  People benefit from hearing, seeing, experiencing a piece of your heart and hard work, even if it means being vulnerable.  Finding happiness in building others up and coming together, even if it means shedding a few tears. Supporting good causes, raising awareness, giving freely to one another, your family and your friends.  Community is a blessing.


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