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Families Belong Together!

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

Regardless of what your political affiliation is, I hope that we can all agree that whatever that was happening to families being separated at the border was WRONG. Yes, Trump recently signed an executive order to stop separating families for now, but there are hundreds and thousands of children who are still apart from their families– hurt, confused, scared, and alone. We all need to band together to help bring these families back together. It’s so heart breaking for me to see all the coverage of families being torn apart and children crying out for their parents. Every day when I read the news, I think to myself, “Is this real life?” How can something so atrocious be happening right now in the United States– the supposed “land of the free”?

I’m going to stop myself right here before this turns into a full-on rant and leave you guys with a few things you can do to help make things right. Right now isn’t the time to just sit back and talk about how sad/wrong/unfair/ridiculous this issue is. We need to take action to MAKE change because #FAMILIESBELONGTOGETHER. I myself am guilty of taking a back seat to a lot of some of the issues that have been going on, but being a new mom myself, this really hit too close to home. I was inspired by my friend Alice @crapnapchronicles to take action and try to make a difference.

  1. DONATE – even if it’s $1. Every dollar counts and will help reunite an immigrant child with their parents. I personally donated to RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) serves immigrants and refugees in our community by providing immigration-related legal services, advocacy and opportunities for educational and social support. We believe that by actively promoting the well-being and informed participation of immigrants and refugees in the community, everyone benefits.) RAICES main goals for this fundraiser is to:
    • Directly fund the bond necessary to get parents out of detention and reunited with their children while awaiting court proceedings
    • Ensure legal representation for EVERY child in Texas’ immigration courts (last year, 76% of kids (over 13,000!) did not have representation)
  2. WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESS! – I know this may seem like a daunting task for some since you may not know who to write to or what to write, but I’m going to make it SUPER easy for you. There is a bot you can text that will do all the work! All you’ll need to do is follow the instructions below, and Resistbot will do the rest for you!


  • Text ‘RESIST” to 50409

You will receive the following texts back:

  • Hi, I’m Resistbot! Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply Help for help, or STOP to stop receiving messages.”
  • I’m going to help you write a letter to your officials in your own words about any issue you like.
  • To send letters or sign petitions on your behalf I need to know your name. What’s your first and last name? e.g. Jane Smith


  • Respond with your first and last name

You will receive the following texts back:

– Nice to meet you (First Name, Last Name), I’m Resistbot.

– So I can look up who represents you, please reply with your mailing address in a single text, post boxes are okay too, e.g. “123 Main Street 54321”


  • Text your mailing address

You will receive the following texts back:

  • I have your address as: “Your address here.”
  • You’re represented in the U.S. House by X
  • You’re represented in the U.S. Senate by X and Y
  • Your Governor in X is Y
  • Ready to Resist! Reply “Congress”, “House”, “Senate” or “Governor” to write, “topic” for an idea, or “new for a new feature!


  • Text “CONGRESS”

You will receive the following texts back:

  • Send as many messages as you need to compose your letter to X, Y, and Z.
  • I’ll handle the opening and closing, and keep listening until you send “done” by itself. If you’d rather call your officials, send “call” by itself.


  • Text the following paragraph:

Please speak out against family separation at the border under the administration’s zero-tolerance policy. Don’t let our gov’t use children as hostages/bargaining chips for a border wall/deterrence. I ask you to support S.2937 & the Keep Families Together Act. Please, also (1) pass protective legislation through ASAP; (2) force DHS to rescind zero tolerance by w/holding funds; (3) rein in/abolish ICE; (4) prohibit private detention facilities from housing/profiteering immigrants and their kids; & (5) require DOJ to protect asylum seekers and ensure due process.

  • Then in a separate text line, text “DONE”

You will receive the following texts back:

  • Your letter has 92 words. It starts and ends like this: “please speak out against famil… … eekers and ensure due process.”
  • If that looks right, reply with “send”. If not you can “clear” to start over, “preview” to see the full letter, “add” to it, or “trash” your letter to quit.


  • Text “SEND”

You will receive a few more texts asking you for your title (Mr/Mrs/Miss) and then your email as confirmation and then you’re done! It’s as easy as that! Every letter and every penny helps.

“Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.” – Sonia Gandhi

(Photo: John Moore, Getty Images)