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Congrats to the 2018 World Champions, Golden State Warriors

by go Inspo | 1 year ago

So much time and so much dedication put in over the length of a season (and even earlier) for one goal.

Congrats to the entire Golden State Warriors and Dubnation on the most challenging season of them all.

There is so much hard work behind the scenes that is put in.  So many plans made around travel schedules and important events.

As amazing and skilled as all these players are, there are those people behind the scenes that are supporting these players.  Here is Stephen Curry thanking his wife Ayesha during his 2016 NBA MVP speech.

When Stephen talks about the NBA being a family business, it truly is.  So when moments like these are celebrated, the family celebrates and it shouldn’t be any other way.

If you will be in the Bay Area on June 12th to celebrate at the victory parade, make sure you gather all the details here.

Most importantly:

  • The Parade starts at 10:30AM on June 12th.
  • Think Public Transportation.


  • Sunscreen, hats, water, and your blue and gold!
  • Signs and banners are permitted under the following guidelines:
    They do not obstruct sightlines at the parade
    Dimensions do not exceed 18″ x 18″
    No obscene or inflammatory language

For a map of the parade and additional details, please click here.