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Channeling My Inner Green Thumb

by Jen Fisch | 1 year ago

About a year and a half ago I moved into a new house based mostly on a huge, elevated outdoor patio space that I had dreams of transforming. I live in Hermosa Beach, CA and in LA and especially near the beach land is precious and often times that means almost no outdoor space, so I fell in love. Fast forward to today and I have discovered that I have not been blessed with a green thumb. My succulents have thrived out on the patio, but many trees and shrubs I purchased have not been so lucky. To be honest, it’s pretty sad out there. So I decided to move my efforts indoors and see if I have better luck with indoor plants.


I started by moving a couple of my succulents indoors, the cute CB2 planters fit with my living room vibe so they were my first indoor addition. Then I went to Target and fell in love with the Opalhouse line they have right now and found this cute trio of planters. Teal is my favorite color, so I had to have them. The coral mini roses, orange calla lily and mini Hyacinth all from Trader Joe’s all pop off the cool colors of the pots. Then large corn plant was a total impulse purchase. I went to Whole Foods in downtown LA one day for lunch and saw this plant and had to have it. You should have seen me driving through the freeways of LA with one arm holding this plant because it kept tipping over in my backseat! I love it and found the cool container that it is in at Target (my favorite place in the whole world) in the Chip & Jojo section!     


Finally, my most recent addition is a miniature succulent given to me for Mother’s Day by my 14-year-old daughter Kaia. It looks perfect next to my hot pink peonies. I can’t believe it took me this long to add plants inside this house! Now I am obsessed and have been looking for all kinds of inspiration of more ways to bring color and life into my space with plants.

I love these examples I found on Pinterest of ways to bring plants both large and small into your home. From cacti and succulents to miniature fruit trees, I love the idea of grouping multiple plants in creative ways. Luckily my whole house gets a lot of natural light, so no rooms are off limits. Maybe one day I will have a full living wall in my house, but for now, I’m just hoping to keep these beautiful babies alive so that they can have a happier fate than the trees on my patio!