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Canon’s Nursery Reveal and Mommy Update!

by Ayesha Curry | 1 year ago

It was such an honor to get to work with Pottery Barn Kids again on our nursery! They knocked it out of the park last time with Ryan and then again with the girl’s bedrooms and playroom. I couldn’t believe it when they said they’d love to do Canon’s as well! I still can’t believe when blessings like this are poured over our family and we are always grateful!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

On to the design!

Now, we’ve always been very traditional in our style and recently had a little change of pace and modernized our living space a TON! So, with the nursery we wanted to carry on the same theme and doing something warm and cozy yet MODERN! I was floored when Pottery Barn enlightened me that they would actually be launching MODERN BABY in July and that I’d be the first to enjoy the collection pre-launch just in time for baby Canon!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

We settled on a gorgeous malachite green color for an accent wall and a super fun black and white wallpaper for the rest of the walls. I’ve heard babies eyes are attracted to black and white and that it’s extremely sensory for them!

To add a little warmth and glam we went with the black and gold Crib and dresser/changing table.

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the “always” framed art. It was such a sweet surprise because my husband and I have a special phrase we’ve said to each other for 10 years and it ends with “always”. There couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to the room.

The rocking chair is so insanely cozy and deep. Perfect for those late nights and of course story time!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Lastly, I LOVE the way all of the accessories bring everything together and make the room feel alive, especially that yellow ottoman!

Pottery Barn Kids, I can’t thank you enough for making this nursery possible just in time for Canon’s arrival! I am in love with it!

For a link to all of these pieces and a look at the brand new MODERN BABY collection, click HERE.


I literally can’t believe the time has come for me to be writing this. This is the perfect example of “everything according to God’s plan.” My due date was not supposed to be until the 27th of July and yet here I am writing this post with a two week old sound asleep next to me in his snuggle me. His, him, he… BOY! Loving the sound of that and still in awe of the fact that we had a handsome baby boy. Full disclosure we did, in fact, end up finding out long before he arrived that he was indeed a boy, but there was something so special about having a little secret between my husband and I. Our little secret. Also, because I was so sick it was the one piece of excitement I was able to enjoy to keep a light perspective on the whole process that I was certainly experiencing something “different” in more ways than one!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

We feel so blessed that God blessed us to be Canon’s mommy and daddy and we’ve definitely been basking in our new addition for the past 2 weeks round the clock. I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now life is all about navigating how to manage a household w three young children (beautiful chaos), pumping, nursing and changing diapers. If you were a fly on the wall there certainly would never be a dull moment.

I will say no matter how many times you go through pregnancy and then phase into newborn life, it never becomes routine or normal. New every time, exciting every time and certainly different every time!   I am going to try my best and update you all here on Go Inspo about mommy life and all things baby so be sure to check back in! Okay, now back to our 6lb 7oz bundle of joy and testosterone! Eeeks! Still can’t believe it. P.S- Canon seems to have 3 mamas because his two older sisters just can’t get enough of him!