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Black is the New Box Office

by Laura Bowles | 1 year ago

Black Panther just hit $1 Billion Worldwide and continues to smash records.  The film also led the U.S. Box Office for the fourth weekend in a row.

In second place?  A Wrinkle in Time directed by the talented Ava DuVernay.

The cultural significance of these two movies goes beyond the here and the now, it’s all about the future.

Here’s what this means:

Black kids will grow up inspired to know that opportunities on the big screen and in entertainment will not only be attainable but that they can exceed any expectations that were previously set for them.

Black kids will also grow up inspired to know that being an actor/actress isn’t the end all be all.  They can be the ones behind the cameras directing, producing, casting, and any other high profile role needed for a film.  They themselves can go from telling the story through acting to being in charge of the storytelling.

Where Whoopi Goldberg inspired Jordan Peele, Jordan Peele has now inspired a new generation.

Black Films have typically been generalized into Tyler Perry movies and although sometimes a polarizing topic, the support and success of Tyler Perry movies speak for itself.  While these films are typically given a low production budget ($25 Million or less), they still generate a sizable return and continues to be profitable.

What Black Panther has done is proven that a large budget blockbuster super-hero movie can make at least five times its return with a predominately Black cast. How incredibly awesome is that?!?!?

Marvel / Disney

The future is bright with more Black!

And more Black is on the horizon.  Michael B. Jordan (A.K.A. Erik Killmonger) last week announced that his company Outlier Society Production would adopt Inclusion Riders for its projects.  As a refresher, the words “Inclusion Riders,” surfaced to the forefront when Frances McDormand used the term in her closing speech at the Academy Awards. Simply put, Inclusion Riders are contracts for actors that would require filmmakers to meet diversity benchmarks in their cast and crew.  While no A-List actor has to this date, stepped forward to personally demand this within his or her contract, it’s a step in the right direction seeing Michael B. Jordan spearhead this movement via his company.

What do you think about the all of the Black Panther Phenomenon?  Is it just another Marvel film or an iconic film that’s changing the course of predominantly Black casts in entertainment?  Let me know by leaving a comment!

(Images from Marvel/Disney)