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Ayesha Curry’s Draw My Life

by Ayesha Curry | 1 year ago

My Journey – How We Arrived at goInspo

This journey has truly been an amazing experience.  I remember like it was yesterday when I was writing my first blog post on Little Lights of Mine, filming my first video for the YouTube channel and planning all my recipes for my cookbook.  So many of you were there to support me and my dreams from the very beginning.  I can only hope that goInspo serves the same purpose for so many of you out there.  goInspo is not only a platform for this amazing community to share their stories but also a safe haven to gain knowledge, perspective and provide support to your online neighbor.

I know some of you had requested a Draw My Life video in the past but I feel like now more than ever is the appropriate time to share my story.  Thank you for your continued love and support!  Please always remember to live, love, share and inspire to one another here on goInspo!

-Ayesha Curry