Marianela Pereyra


Marianela is a writer, health advocate, and T.V. personality who has worked as a host for a variety of networks including MTV, NBC, VH1, Travel Channel, and ESPN. In addition to her work in television she is actively pursuing her lifelong passion of nutrition and wellness with her mindful wellness blog, ‘The Fuddhist’. Her ‘philosofeed’ is that a happy and healthy life is made up of both healthy food and healthy thoughts. Marianela is a mindful foodie who takes what she thinks as seriously as what she eats! 

Marianela recently launched her latest venture ‘Tiny Food Explorers’ where she is empowering children to make better food choices by celebrating their insatiable curiosity. She believes involving children in as many food related activities as possible is a good place to start! Her work with ‘EnrichLA’, the largest school garden non profit in the country, is proving that kids will make better food choices when they are connected to the source of where ‘real’ food comes from.


I would love to highlight the non-profit I work for: – a wonderful non-profit who is working tirelessly to place a garden in every school in Los Angeles.

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