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What’s up ya’ll! I’m Chris “COSeezy” Strachan. I’m from Elmont, Long Island by way of East New York, Brooklyn, NY (Brooooooook-lynnnnnn). We live in a world that separates people based on characteristics that we as human beings have no control over. I’m pretty sure I came out the womb trying to make people dance, laugh and smile because it’s the those simple things that can change the course of person’s day, attitude and life. My personal mission is to bring people together and tear down social barriers through the things I’m most passionate about. I’m excited to share those passions and my story with you all!

I absolutely love the game of basketball and everything about it, unfortunately for me I wasn’t that good. That didn’t matter much to me, I just wanted to be around the game. I love the relationships, the style, the lessons and the culture that basketball encompasses. That passion led me to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA where once again, I wasn’t good enough to play Division 1 basketball but I just wanted to be around the game. I started off as the team manager, yea that guy that washes the clothes and hands out water bottles. But if you know me, which you soon will, you’ll know I’m not your everyday “waterboy” lol. First off, I was always fly! You know when you see me, I’m going be fly and I love sneakers, so my “kick game” was always on point. 2ndand most important, I studied the game of basketball like I was a player or one of the coaches. Through my passion for the game, and my Coach and mentor, Ritchie Mckay I earned a full scholarship to be a Student Assistant and my first job was to recruit this kid from Charlotte, NC named Seth Curry. Not only did that opportunity change my life from a career perspective but most importantly I gained an entire new family. I say all that to say that being a contributor to this blog is so special to me because it represents life coming full circle working with Ayesha and her team. I’m so blessed to be a contributor on this platform with truly kind hearted people.


I’d like to highlight my charity, Kick’n It for a Cause.

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