Chris Flight


I’m a Southern California kid learning about the fruits of life each day at a time.  Born and raised in Santa Monica, I longed to move away and explore the world outside of sunny California, it called meeee (yes, I love the Disney masterpiece that is Moana).

My Freshman year of Undergrad, I attended Syracuse University (shout out to my ‘Cuse crew! Haven 8!) to quickly discover that I could not go outside with one layer of clothing, even if it was sunny outside.  As amazing as my one year at Syracuse was, I discovered I wanted to be back in Southern California closer to my friends who I looked at as my family.  I also had this strong intuition that whatever career path I took, it would be intertwined with entertainment…..and I had just left the entertainment capital of the world.

I transferred back home attending the University of Southern California (To my Trojan Crew – Fight on!) for 3 more years standing loud and proud in the student section for every single Trojan Football game of the Pete Carroll era…yes even that epic Texas/USC Rose Bowl.  Oh, I also walked away with my BA in Psychology and Minor in African-American Studies – the memorable stuff, amirite?

My career journey took me through the windy path of Administrative work, Entertainment, Digital Media and Social Media meeting the most amazing mentors that helped build me up to the person I am today.  Along this journey, I’ve been blessed to meet my better half while raising two beautiful girls.

I grew up with the principle that giving back is not only my duty to society but my obligation to my family.  Now I get to live out my dream to help others while excelling at my craft.

I am so excited to be a part of building goInspo and see it flourish with such an amazing community.



The charity I’d like to highlight is The Hispanic Federation as they along with other organizations are spearheading the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.



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