Chanel Brown is a lifestyle blogger most commonly known for her dedication to the fitness industry. Chanel has been involved in various fitness events around the world including judging the ‘Fitness America Championships’, and has featured in numerous magazines and articles including being branded ‘The World’s Fittest Couple’ by The Daily Star and Mail Online and most recently, featuring in Muscle Insider magazine alongside her partner.

Born in the UK and currently residing in Los Angeles with her partner and puppy, Former commercial model, Chanel, now dedicates her time in motivating others in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her passion for fitness led her into becoming an inspirational icon to people around the world, with her only goal being to change one persons life for the best.

The charity I would like to highlight is ‘Right to play’, working all over the world they help children recognise their potential and realise their dreams, simply by allowing them to play. Something so simple, yet so many children are denied a childhood due to the effects of poverty, conflict and disease. Children are our future and together we can create a better one and drive lasting social change in their communities.

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