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Art Inspo: Meet Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

by Jen Fisch | 1 year ago

I fell in love with the work of Marianne Angeli Rodriguez over Instagmeet Marianne Angeli Rodriguezram. I don’t remember how the universe took me to her page, but the moment it did I immediately followed and soon after became the proud owner of her artwork. I now own 3 of her paintings and have bought prints and custom painted pots for friends. I love colorful art in my house, I am actually a bit of an art hoarder and all of my favorite pieces are from artists I discovered on Instagram. No fancy art galleries for me, I just slide up in artists’ DMs and then fill my walls with their beautiful pieces.

Marianne was gracious enough to let me interview her and find out where her gorgeous world of colors and patterns began and what gave her the courage to be a full-time artist, which is something many aspire to,  but not many achieve. I really related when she said she was always creative, but never realized that art was a career path when she was younger. I had the same experience in my first couple years of college, but luckily I got some great advice from my dad or my career as a Creative Director may have never happened!

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez instagram art

Tell me a little about your background, are you originally from Louisiana?

I’m going on my 7th year living in Louisiana. Before coming to the South I lived in NYC for many years where I went to college and worked my first job in fashion PR.

Originally my family is from the Philippines, which is where I was born. My parents work with the UN took us all over the world. I spent 15 years living abroad in West Africa, Central America, Europe & Asia.

How close are you to New Orleans? How would you describe the arts scene in your area?

My city, Covington, is 45 minutes outside of New Orleans. The art here is an extension of the vibrant work seen in New Orleans. It’s diverse in genre and media, we’ve got funky, contemporary, and traditional Southern art all represented. Our city is small and quaint and the art scene is active yet relaxed, there’s a great sense of community and support for local artists. I lived in New Orleans for 5 years before relocating, I’ve come to realize that I much prefer creating in this laid back atmosphere.

Did you grow up always wanting to be an artist?

I was always creative as a child, I always had the impulse to make things with my hands. The first works I made that I poured my heart into were these handmade art-cards that I drew for my Dad, he traveled on assignment every month and I would work on these cards and leave them under his pillow. I was 5.

I never entertained the idea of being an artist as it was never encouraged as a career option. It took me several detours in my education and early adult career to awaken to my calling and take the leap.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My work is fueled by color, it’s a vibrant mix of contemporary and eclectic with a tropical undertone.

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez painting Marianne Angeli Rodriguez paintingsMarianne Angeli Rodriguez art display

Where do you get inspiration from?

My upbringing abroad informs so much of my work. My parents collected a lot of the local art, decor and textiles that were available in every country we were settled and that is what opened up my universe to art. These days, I continue to look at what’s happening beyond my boundaries, studying other cultures, I’m especially drawn to folk art, jewelry and textiles.

What is the most important thing you want people to take away from your work?

The most meaningful thing to me is for people to feel immediately uplifted, to experience a sense of joy when looking at my work. The best compliments I receive from people walking into my studio gallery is that they feel happy, energized and positive.

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez artist

What does a perfect day for you look like?

The perfect day for me starts with love-explosions from my three rescue pets, a morning meditation, a jog, then a bike ride to my studio followed by several hours of zoning out into an afternoon painting session. Connecting with a few art-loving visitors throughout the day is always a bonus. Coming home to cook dinner, take an evening stroll and unwinding with my husband is the absolute perfect day for me

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of having the courage to go after my passion -against other people’s aspirations for me and the doubt- and pursue a career as an artist. I’m proud that I can say I went after my dream, despite my own fears, I am living my dream and have zero regrets. My soul is content and my heart is full of gratitude.

Check out Marianne’s Instagram and her website to see all of her incredible work.