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Annie’s Nails of the Month – July

by Annie Por | 1 year ago

A really quick way to tell what I’m interested in at that point in time when you see me is to take a look at my nails. My nails are a reflection of my current obsessions, and if you take a look this month, you’ll know that I’m really into the aliens from Pixar’s Toy Story movies!

The aliens from Toy Story aren’t anything new, and I definitely didn’t have such a strong affinity towards them up until the past few months when I kept on seeing them everywhere at Disney California Adventure Park. From now until September 3rd, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park is celebrating all things Pixar through Pixar Fest. For a limited time, the two parks are showcasing and celebrating characters and stories from all the Pixar movies including Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Up, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Coco, Inside Out, and more! There is a Pixar themed parade, themed foods, and also limited edition merchandise for purchase.

One of the offers during Pixar Fest was a Toy Story aliens popcorn bucket that available for purchase only to Disney Annual Pass holders. The day those popcorn buckets were on sale, people waited in line for up to two hours to get their hands on one! I even had a friend who waited in line and when it was her turn, the buckets were all sold out!

Photo source: @disneylandisneverland

I was so bummed to hear that the popcorn bucket were sold out nationwide and weren’t going to be available for purchase anymore. I had totally missed my chance to even wait in line for the darn thing, and soon this obsession of mine got out of hand. I had to get my hands on the cute little alien bucket so I turned to my trusty pal eBay. I knew that someone out there probably waited 2 hours in line so they could sell their bucket for 3x the cost of what they paid (and it was 100% 3x what they paid lol).

I ended up bidding on multiple buckets, losing a bunch of bids, but finally winning a bid by slightly outbidding the top bidder. During my eBay aliens obsession, I also scored Parker (let’s be real, it was for me haha!) a super cute alien Mickey hat that was also sold out at the parks. And there you have it! These past few weeks of alien fever was the inspiration behind this month’s nail theme of alien nails.

My son Parker with his new Mickey alien ear and popcorn bucket

I know a lot of people have asked how I normally come up with my designs, so I’ll share with you guys what my brainstorming process usually includes and how I come up with my designs.

Step One: I generally Google or Pinterest the theme of nails that I want to do to draw inspiration from other people who have gotten their nails done with the theme that I want in mind. A quick Google search of “toy story alien nails” helped me discover this set which I based my own set off of.

Image I found while searching “Toy Story alien nails” Click for Image Source

Step Two: Decide on the base colors for my nails so that the design is cohesive. I generally take a look at the subject that I’m working with and try to figure out what colors would work well together. It was really easy this time considering the alien is green, and his outfit is blue and purple.

The little guys I’m obsessed with!

Step Three: Sketch out a draft of what I want on each nail so it’s easy for my nail technician to keep track of what I want on each nail when she’s drawing. I used to draw really elaborate sketches of what I wanted, but realized that a simple sketch worked just as well and was less time consuming. I wanted to showcase my new Mickey alien ears, and also the alien by itself so I made sure they were front and center on their own individual nail. I also thought it would be really cute to draw stripes with the color scheme and include elements from the Google Search picture I found, but with an Annie twist (the yellow star as opposed to the clear one in the original, and the pizza planet logo from the alien’s outfit). This is what the end product looks like! A huge thanks to Miss Hanna Matsunaga (@hannamatsunaga) for creating yet another masterpiece on my nails!

What would you guys love to see next? I’m always open to hearing your ideas and getting inspiration from your current obsessions!