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Annie’s Nails of the Month – August

by Annie Por | 11 months ago

My current obsession this month is Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS. KAWS is an artists based out of NYC who designs, paints, sculpts, and does graffiti art. Over the years, he has collaborated with a ton of well-known brands and people like Nike, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Commes de Garcons, VMAs, Hennessy, and most recently, Uniqlo (a Japanese fast fashion retailer).

A few of my friends (holla Janice and Tiffany!) recently tagged me on a KAWS x Uniqlo x Sesame Street inspired nails and I love loved it and wanted some KAWS nails of my own! Looking through Instagram, I saw that a lot of people have already gotten KAWS x Sesame Street nails, so I wanted to be a little different and focus on the KAWS x Snoopy collaboration that Uniqlo did last year! Finally settling on the theme of my nails, I went through my three step creative process for designing my set.

Step One: I looked through all the #kawsnails hashtag to get some inspiration on what my set would look like. Again, the majority of the KAWS nails featured the Sesame Street gang, as well as Companion (a character that KAWS created). I ended up looking through the #kawssnoopy hashtag to get some inspiration on what I actually wanted drawn on my nails and decided that I wanted to feature Joe Kaws, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown. I also found some really dope art that KAWS created called Man’s Best Friend, so decided to feature one of the pieces on a nail.

KAWS works entitled Man’s Best Friend
A collage of all the #KAWSsnoopy characters I wanted drawn

Step Two: Decide on the base colors for the nails. Because Snoopy is white, I wanted to keep the look clean and have white nails with black as the outlines for all the characters. Since Charlie Brown’s shirt and Woodstock are both yellow, I chose yellow as the other base color so the design and colors would all work well together.

Step Three: Do a rough sketch of what I wanted on each nail so that my nail technician has an easier time drawing everything out without having to ask me for every nail. Plus, laying everything out on paper makes it so much easier to visualize. Here are some photos of my sketch and the end result of my Kaws x Uniqlo x Snoopy nails! Thank you again to Miss Hanna Matsunaga (@hannamatsunaga) for bringing my designs to life! What nails should I do next month? And no, I will not get the live ant nails that everyone has been messaging me about haha!!