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A Mother’s Memorable Moments

by Maria Tarleton | 1 year ago

Being a Mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I’ve been blessed to have in my lifetime. My life was forever changed in June of 2013. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Avana Marie. Even then she had an attitude to rival a grown woman! The sound of her first cry was music to my ears. And at that moment I realized why being a mother is so beautiful and amazing. Is it easy? No. Is it awesome in so many new, exciting, and surprising ways? Yes. She challenges me in ways no one else can. I have learned so many of my weakness’s and strengths through her eyes. My forever playmate and friend. Even in moments where I find her coloring my favorite dress or accidentally dropping her veggies! Or moments where she wipes my tears and just wants me to hold her. And even days where absolutely anything I do just doesn’t seem to help! Those are daily reminders that make being a Mother and all the ridiculous craziness worth it. Here are four memorable moments (in honor of her upcoming fourth birthday) with my daughter that always make me smile, laugh and sometimes cry. Moments that I carry with me every day.

1. Three months of torture. Colic.

My daughter was a terribly colicky baby! For three months I remember from the hours of 2am-4am she would just cry. Everyday. The same time. I felt like a walking zombie. My husband worked at 6 am, so I never asked for help. Seeing as how I was the stay at home parent. I was burnt out. But I can always remember just sitting in the rocking chair after she finally calmed down. Bone tired. A smile. That is all it would take for this wave of emotion to overtake me. And I would just feel so much love. She was mine and so loved.

2. First hospital stay

So my daughter is allergic to mosquito bites. I know. Who is allergic to mosquito bites? She would have these horrible reactions that would just inflame to the point of her looking like she had an extra body part. Beyond scary. I can just remember hearing her cry and see how afraid she was. Feeling utterly defeated as a mother. After all the needles, testing, and medication. I can remember just watching her playing in a hospital bed. A smile on her face. Just content with a few toys and her mommy and daddy. So Strong. It gave me the strength to pull through anything with her.

3. First trip to the beach.

I absolutely love the beach. Waking up to the ocean. Hearing the waves crash as you sit on the balcony with your cup of coffee. Pure happiness. I cannot imagine what a big body of water looks like through a small child’s eyes. She would just instantly contort her legs in the air to keep from touching the sand. And the sound she made would make even a veteran preschool infant room teacher shudder. She is not a jump in kind of child. We have found over time that she likes to observe before she tries anything new. Watching her eventually dip her toe in the water and take those first steps in the sand will forever be embedded in my brain. Unforgettable moments.

4. The first day of preschool.

Not gonna lie. I cried. Like a baby. They always say it’s harder on the mother more than it is the child and boy were they right! I can remember counting down the minutes to pick her up. And early I might add. She is so shy and quiet and the thought of her being picked on or sad crushed me. But as I peeked through the glass I could see her sitting by a teacher and not crying. A few weeks later I saw that she made her first friend “Stella.” Realizing that you can’t protect them from everything. And that they have to experience these things in their way was an eye-opener. She’s still extremely shy and observant. But I know that over time she will blossom. Watching her grow and become that person is everything to me.

This Mother’s day week and everyone that I celebrate are always special to me. It’s a day not only to honor Mothers. But also celebrating how very blessed and honored we are to be a Mother. I try to always remember that even in moments where I feel like a failure I’m (hopefully) always a hero in my child’s eyes.

Happy Mothers Day Week!