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3 Delicious Days in Santa Fe, New Mexico

by Jen Fisch | 1 year ago

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical place. People visit from all over to experience “The City Different” because everything about it is special- the light, the air, the vibe- it is truly unlike anywhere else. So for my 40th birthday, I decided I wanted to gather a group of my girlfriends for 3 Delicious Days in Santa Fe so they could experience the land of enchantment for themselves.

I actually used to live in Santa Fe. In 2008 I was offered a Creative Director position, so I moved my daughter and I from Denver to an adorable little casita near The Plaza in downtown Santa Fe. It was a big change from living in Denver and what I didn’t realize was how hard it would be to live in a town without any friends or family as a single mom. Then I got sick, really sick. I had a bad reaction to a treatment for my autoimmune disorders and it led me down a very long road of complications before I finally got better. So because of these reasons, I didn’t have the best experience or happiest memories from my time in Santa Fe, so I wanted to go back with people I love and have a positive experience to bring in my 4th decade!


Adobe Airbnb Perfection

The magic began the moment we drove up to our picture perfect Airbnb. An adobe built in 1898, but totally modernized inside with super cute touches, perfect for a girls trip! Atmosphere is everything to me, this house set the perfect canvas for an incredible girls weekend.

We kicked off the weekend with an incredible charcuterie board made by my cousin Dana, who owns Just Add Wine LA and makes the most amazing grazing boards. That and a little wine got us ready for psychedelic night at Meow Wolf.

Artsy Fartsy

One of my top priorities in Santa Fe was to experience Meow Wolf, which is an immersive, interactive art experience. Since I work as a creative director in experiential marketing, going to Meow Wolf was #1 on my Santa Fe To Do List. The experience was launched with support from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. A collective of 200 artists created a crazy, magical space with secret doors and portals that each lead you to trippy art installations. I’ll never know if we actually found every secret door, which is part of the fun. You could go 100 times and have a different experience each time!

We also made a stop at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which is a must do in Santa Fe. New Mexico was O’Keeffe’s home for the second half of her life and it is so impressive to see her large collection of beautiful work. The film on her life really touched me and her wild, independent, feminist spirit spoke to me.

Spa & Chill

If you go to Santa Fe you absolutely have to go to 10,000 Waves and enjoy an afternoon of zen. The spa is like a Japanese Tree House 10 minutes up the mountain from Santa Fe. I had an incredible shiatsu massage and then we booked a private tub for our group. They also have communal tubs if you want to mingle with the “clothing optional” locals 😉 It is the ultimate place to relax after you hike up many, many stairs in altitude to get to the front door. Santa Fe is at 7,000 above sea level, so drink LOTS of water and bring lots of lotion!


Santa Fe is known for incredible food and of course amazing New Mexican food. The main question is red chile, green chile or Christmas (both). For me, it’s always green chile. They put it on New Mexican food of course, but also on pizza, on omelettes, in beer and pretty much anywhere else! I love it!

The only place we went that didn’t have green chile was at an incredible African restaurant called Jambo Cafe. It had opened in a nondescript strip mall when I lived in Santa Fe and I was super excited to bring all of my friends there for my birthday dinner.  The staff is super warm and welcoming and the food is amazing! A mix of African and Caribbean, the flavors are inspiring and are only elevated by the wonderful vibe from the Jambo Cafe team.

We also ate incredible meals at Tune-Up Cafe, Tia Sophia’s, Cafe Pasqual’s, and El Farol. Even though I eat keto I had absolutely no problem finding delicious things to eat in Santa Fe!

It’s Good To Be Home

The best part of the weekend was getting a great group of girlfriends together and getting to share a place that is very special to me. We drove by my old house, an adorable little casita, which is for sale by the way, is it destiny?! I got to see my daughter’s first elementary school again, and reminisce as we made our way through town, on all the great memories I had made in Santa Fe despite some of the challenges I experienced during those years.


It was a magical and I will be back to Santa Fe soon, maybe I will even live there again, who knows what the future holds.